Kabuto Noodles – Posh Pot Noodles

Being stuck in boarding school and starving was a regular event in my school days. We were always shipped off to school with our stash of instant noodles, biscuits and chocolate as the mums were always afraid we would be underfed. Another girl in my dorm used to have a massive cake sent to her weekly and we pooled our resources and had regular midnight feasts, ala Mallory Towers, resulting in my putting on 20 lbs in my first term.

One of the few things we could get buy in the school tuck shop and the local corner shop were Pot Noodles.  We must have been really desperate as having a Pot Noodle was such a treat.

Fast forward a few years, Crispin Busk of Kabuto Noodles has just introduced a range of posh Pot Noodles which is nothing like the Pot Noodles that we had to endure at school. He was inspired by the steaming bowls of noodles that are staples in the East and noodles bars in London. This range was developed with no additives or preservatives, freeze-dried herbs and spices for extrafreshness, and good quality egg noodles wtih low levels of fat.

These noodles are really quick to prepare, ready in 4 minutes and comes in 4 flavours : Chicken Ramen, Beef Pho and Miso Ramen.

Kabuto Noodles

I tried them recently and found that they were quite a substantial portion. The egg noodles are not the broken up variety like that found in Pot Noodles, but full long strand and a good texture.

Instead of eating them out of the plastic pot that they come in, I put mine in a bowl and add some leafy green veg to make it a more balanced meal. My favourites was the Miso Ramen flavour. You can add meat or any other veg to this to your own liking.

Kabuto Noodles


Perfect for a quick and tasty meal. Kabuto Noodles are available in Waitrose.


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One Comment

  1. crispin busk says:

    Glad you liked them!

    I used to be a pot noodle eater at school too, hope people are ready to upgrade…