Kenwood kMix Design Update

I have a soft spot for Kenwood. I learnt to bake with my mum’s very ancient Kenwood Chef which she has been using continuously for several decades. Unfortunately, it recently died. It has served her well, after making several thousand cakes with it. I think it has had good innings. She wants one of the new ones now and how timely.

Very old kenwood mixer
My mum’s old Kenwood Mixer

Introducing kMix redesigned

The design team at Kenwood has just launched a newly updated kMix range including the stunning limited edition Rose Gold Set. These were showcased at their launch event but we were not allowed to take any pictures so you will have to wait and see. The good news is that you will be able to win one later in the year when they launch. (Will add the link to win one when they announce it).

At Kenwood, all their products are designed with passion. Very contemporary and very modern but in keeping the durability and reliability of the Kenwood brand. It is also their 70th anniversary and Kenwood’s branding celebrates being a British company with a UK HQ.

The new kMix collection has been given a beautiful makeover with some quirky British twists like hidden phrases on each piece.  You’ll find “Lovely Cuppa” on the kettle, on the crumb tray of the toaster, “Oh crumbs”, Hand mixer, “Perfect Peaks” and the Kitchen machine, “Happy Baking”. The design team had taken inspiration from other renowned British design stars like Paul Smith and the Mini as you can see from their inspiration boards here.

The new collection is designed for the new consumer and is inspired by the new young breed of UK chefs. Eating in is the new going out. The kitchen is a theatre for experimenting and people love to invite friends over for dinner. The team at Kenwood want their products to be approachable and accessible, democratic and not elitist.


kMix Kitchen Machine

The Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer is not just good for making cakes. It comes with a dough hook, which combined with sturdiness of this machines is great for making bread. You can also buy the sausage maker and the pasta maker attachments to get more use out of this machine.

The new kMix mixer comes with a glass mixing bowl as standard unlike other brands where you have to buy a glass bowl separately. The glass bowl is great as you can see if your cake is mixing well. If you want the stainless steel bowl, it works with this machine too.

The sensual softly sleek curved look of the new range will look stunning in your kitchen. In the range, there is the iconic Stand Mixer which comes with a glass bowl and they have upped the voltage. It looks fab.

You can get more details and all the specs about this kMix Kitchen Machine here.

Kenwood kMix Blender

The biggest change in the range is the new kMix blender. Blender with a blade that is strong enough to crush ice for those long cools drinks. The thermo resist jug means you can also blend boiling hot soups.

The kMix Hand Mixer

The kMix Hand Mixer (which is designed to stand up on its end, so no messy table tops) comes in a full set. It has a tall and wide attachment which works well in pans and not splash all over. It also comes with a chopping vessel and a whisk. The thing that will make you love this appliance is the potato mashing attachment. This works like a potato ricer, creating restaurant quality mash. Can’t wait to give this a go.

The kMix Breakfast Collection

Their new breakfast collection, meaning the kMix  toaster and kettle, are more playful with new colour options.
Family friendly sized, a 4 slot Toaster with an array of settings and also a clever reheat function. The bullet shaped Kettle has a 1.7l capacity, that will make many cups of tea.

This set comes in 4 colours, Spicy Red, Rich Black, Cool White and Fresh Cream. My favourite is the bold bright Spicy Red. I think a set of the red appliances will make your kitchen look lively and stylish.

Cooking Demonstration with Ben from Sorted Food

At the launch, Ben from SortedFood did a demo making a Russian Honey Cake and used the new Red kMix Stand Mixer and the kMix Hand mixer. They are very stylish pieces of kit.

New Kenwood KMix


Kenwood KMix Russian Honey Cake
Russian Honey Cake

Here is another look at the very clever new kMix Hand Mixer.

kMix Hand Mixer
kMix Hand Mixer


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