Marinated Black Cod Sushi at Sticks n Sushi Greenwich

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Sticks n Sushi Greenwich s is the newest outpost of the Danish-Japanese Sushi and Yakitori chain in London, after Wimbledon and Covent Garden. They have opened along a busy stretch of road in Greenwich between the station and the Royal Naval College. It has only be open a few weeks but they are now booked solid for dinner.

The restaurant has 2 distinct area, the dark cocktail bar vibe at the front with communal tables and the bright Scandinavian designed backroom with a skylight at the the back. If you go in the daytime, try and get a table at the back.

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At first glance, the menu is vast with beautiful food photos. You can try to order by the photos alone but somewhere along the way you could get confused, like we did. The staff are lovely and quite knowledgable about the menu, so get them to help you when ordering. To help, there is a red insert in the menu with some set meal choices.  There are some very unique fusion flavour combinations, like a salmon and cream cheese roll or the scallop and smoked bacon stick.

For starters, we were recommended this plate of ebi bites, not quite tempura but prawns in a crunchy batter with a miso aioli. Crunchy fried prawns, always a winner.

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We had to have sushi so we ordered a selection. Everything was beautifully presented with the bowl of sashimi looking like a work of art. The test a good sushi besides having super fresh fish is the sushi rice. This is usually tricky in a restaurant which is not staffed by Japanese chefs but here the sushi rice was prepared properly and well seasoned.

Our absolute favourites were the Marinated Black Cod Sushi and the Hell’s Kitchen Roll which is a sushi roll with tempura prawns, avocado and wrapped in tuna. The picture on them menu shows a plate one piece of each of the different flavoured rolls but be aware that when you order, you get the whole maki roll.

Sticks n sushi Hells Kitchen Roll
Hell’s Kitchen Roll
Sticks n sushi Marinaded cod sushi
Marinated black cod sushi – Superb
Sticks n sushi A super fresh sashimi bowl. 
A super fresh sashimi bowl on ice

Accompanied by a healthy bowl of seaweed salad for balance.

Sticks n sushi 134


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Onto a selection of sticks. We liked the ducks heart teriyaki, Scallop in teriyaki and the beef with miso sticks.

Interesting Sticks

There are quite a few options for dessert so we chose the light and tangy Yuzu meringue and the Bergamot Creme Brulee. They come in little ramekins so you get enough to satisfy the sweet craving without over indulging.

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The food was all very well prepared and presented. That Black Cod sushi is especially memorable and I will be back again soon for more.  I would say that this place is a cut above the other Sushi chains around, both for innovation and quality. Do think of them when you next fancy some sushi.

Unlike other chain restaurants, I found the staff to be very knowledgeable about the menu and the ingredients. The service is Scandi efficient and friendly. I expect to see more branches of this chain opening across London as it is a concept that Londoners understand and love. In Copenhagen, they have 10 branches in a city of only 1 million people. I am sure their success will be duplicated over here.


Sticks’n’Sushi Greenwich
1 Nelson Road,
Greenwich London
SE10 9JB
Phone 020 3141 8220

EatCookExplore was a guest at Sticks m Sushi

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  1. Went to Copenhagen a couple of years ago & the Danish are very into their japanese food – there are sushi chains everywhere and thats where I first tried Sticks n Sushi, which was fantastic. I’m glad they’re bringing it to London now!

  2. I tasted Scallop in teriyaki and the beef with miso sticks in my country , so delicious.impressing pics