My Sunday Photo: Banksy in Barbican

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“Portrait of Basquiat being welcomed by the Metropolitan police – an (unofficial) collaboration”. The newest piece from Banksy appeared in the tunnel near the Barbican Centre.

It’s been confirmed as genuine by posts on his account. He says “Major new Basquiat show opens at the Barbican – a place that is normally very keen to clean any graffiti from its walls.” The street is mobbed with people already and a security guard has found a new job.

The street is now mobbed with people trying to get a look at his latest creation and the crowds are spilling onto the street. You’ll find a security guard lurking nearby.

Barbican New Banksy


Sunday photo

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  1. Oh wow, I love it! That area of London is so cool as well! 🙂 #mysundayphoto

  2. I like the Barbican already but a Banksy would be a draw for me too. Cheecky of him though.