Norwegian Pepperkaker Gingerbread Biscuits Recipe

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As a variation to the regular cinnamon-spiced Christmas cookies, I thought I’d make these Norwegian Pepperkaker Gingerbread Biscuits instead. I was recently at a Norwegian cooking class with Signe Johansen and she made these amazing biscuits for us. I remember tasting these light, crispy and spicy biscuits and really wanted to try making it myself.

Pepperkaker biscuits are made by every family during Christmas in Norway and everyone has their own recipe. It used to be made with black pepper and I thought that would be a bit overwhelming but  I used a little bit to the recipe too.  I looked at a few other recipes but not all the recipes seem to use pepper.

I found 2 recipes from Ocado and MyLittleNorway and used a combination of both of them to make my version of the Pepperkaker biscuits.

I used a heart shaped cookie cutter but you can use these snowflake cookie cutter or these star shaped cookie cutter or even the traditional gingerbread men for a more festive cookies.

I made a batch for my Norwegian friend and she thought that they were quite good and not as sweet as most of the shop-bought ones. I’d urge you to give this very easy recipe a try.

This delicious dark and spicy Norwegian Pepperkaker Gingerbread Biscuits will be on your Christmas baking list every year once you’ve made these once. 

Do you have a favourites Christmas cookie recipe? 

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  1. Chrisvoll says:

    Sounds wonderful!! My son lives in Norway so thought would be fun to have these at home when he arrives.
    Wish there was an easy way to convert measurements to US format.
    Look forward to more ideas! Thank you