Polish Brunch at Baltic with Kavka vodka

Baltic, a Polish Russian restaurant has been serving Polish food in the capital for over 20 years. I have walked past it so many times but had no clue what was behind those doors. Baltic is housed in a former coach building, From the entrance, you can’t tell that inside, there is a large, bright, cavernous dining room. Together with Kavka, a new craft vodka company, they are offering a very attractive brunch menu.

For £18.50, you get 2 courses, a jug of Bloody Marysia or Agua di Madre Kombucha cocktail. On the Polish Russian menu, you have a choice of blinis buckwheat pancakes with smoked herring, salmon and caviar, pierogi, placki topped with Gravadlax or black sausage, with a choice of salads and egg dishes.

Baltic Polish Russian Restaurant Southwark

We chose a pierogi, chicken livers on rosti followed by warm salad of honey smoked eel and salt beef on rye. The chicken liver was our favourite dish with a rich and complex sauce. Another surprisingly good combination is the smoked eel salad, dressed in a delicious sauce. The pierogi was not a hit as it was a bit too doughy. If the salt beef is on the menu, that was another winner.

Puddings were simple, a well executed vanilla cheesecake and a typical Polish poppy seed cake which came highly recommended by our server. We got to taste a few shots of the Kavka Vodka. As I am not an expert, it was smooth and didn’t have that sharp alcohol hit at the back of the throat like others. At the moment, you can only find this Vodka at Baltic.


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Baltic Southwark Kavka vodka Brunch
Baltic Kavka vodka Brunch

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Baltic Southwark Poppy Seed Cake

Poppy Seed Cake

Baltic Southwark White Chocolate Cheesecake
White Chocolate Cheesecake

Baltic in Southwark was an unusual and an opportune find. Loved the Eastern European flavours, the lovely space and the delightfully friendly service. Ignore the unassuming entrance and step into the Tardis like space for a delightful Polish meal.

Baltic Restaurant

74 Blackfriars Rd,

South Bank,

London SE1 8HA

EatCookExplore was a guest of Baltic and Kavka Vodka

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