Posh Lunch at Galvin at Windows

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Had an amazing lunch at Galvin at Windows one bright and sunny winter Sunday. Being a group of 8, we were given one of the nice tables overlooking Hyde Park. Did try to take a video of the view but not sure how it will look after some tinkering. The view from our table was amazing as you can see Hyde Park in a completely different way. In the other direction, you could see Hyde Park Corner as seen in aerial view films. Quite stunning.

Lunchtime was quite busy at Galvins. The staff were super attentive and there was a lively chatter when lots of families settled in for lunch.

In our group, we had a chance to try most of the dishes and I can’t remember what all of them were. Tried to take pictures of most of them below here. The food was fabulous.

Wood pigeon starter


The main course


Rissotto starter, which was super creamy and so satisfying.


Roast duck with a carrot puree and jus.


One of the many puddings we tried that day but I can’t remember all of them as I didn’t take that many pics.


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