Product Review: Judge electric tabletop grill

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I have discovered that there are so many things you can do with an electric table top grill. You can host fun interactive dinners with everyone cooking their own meat and veg, grill or BBQ indoors, take the electric grill to a picnic, a festival or camping? Practice your Japanese teppanyaki skills like the top Benihana chefs.

I have been taking the Judge Electric Table Top Grill for a test drive. The first impression was that it is very lightweight, very portable and made up of a frame, a large non stick grill tray and a removable drip tray below. It’s really fun to use as we had everyone cooking on it right on the dining table.

Korean BBQ Beef Bulgogi REcipe cooked on an electric table top grill

It is also very quick to set up. You just have to place the grill on top of the frame and make sure that the drip tray is in place. There is one electric plug point which plugs in and has a thermostat dial. The only issue is that the cable is quite short, so you will might need to use an extension cable to extend the reach.

Porduct review Judge Electric Table Top Grill

Porduct review Judge Electric Table Top Grill
Removable power cable and thermostat

The table top grill heats up very quickly. So top tip, prepare all the food that you want to cook before you turn the grill on. Since the tray is non- stick use only non metal implements on the grill. I find heatproof silicone implements the best for this. You might want to use a domed lid to cook the food faster as this model does not come with a lid.

Porduct review Judge Electric Table Top Grill

My first instinct when I was thinking up what to cook was to use it for Korean BBQ steak Bulgogi. I always love the Korean spicy flavoured meats, that you cook yourself on the table. The Judge Grill can be used as your own table top Korean BBQ. We used strips of marinaded steak and everyone cooked their own. It took minutes for the steak and vegetables to cook. You can find the BBQ recipe here. This makes it fun for the teenagers to have a go too. The next day, we used it to make pancakes. This grill is now a top favourite gadget in the kitchen.

Easy to clean electric grill
The non stick pan needs to be hand washed or just wiped with a wet kitchen paper. The drip tray is dish washer safe but I am going to line it with foil for easier cleaning. The rest of the grill can just be wiped down.

Other things to cook on your electric tabletop grill
English Breakfast, fry the sausages, bacon and eggs all on the big flat hot plate. You can use it like a Japanese teppanyaki grill and impress your friends with your skills. They cook steak, prawns, vegetables and even dessert on this grill. If you have been to Benihana or a similar teppanyaki restaurant, you will know what I mean.

Equipment used 

You can find a selection of electric table top grills on Amazon.

 Heat Proof Silicone implements

The electric tabletop grill was gifted for a review. All opinions are my own. 

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