Get Wagyu Beef in Economy Class? On Qantas you can

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So Qantas has just launched their new innovative Economy Class meals where Wagyu beef can be found as one the meal options. So what is different with these new meals.This is the result of a 12 months of research with suppliers and passengers. I have never flown with Qantas so I can’t compare with what they used to serve before.

qantas new economy class meals launch in London

Firstly, they have done away with those trays that have lots of interlocking bowls and plates. Mostly to reduce waste.

There is now just one non slip place setting and a big non slip plate. The meals are 50% larger as a lot of passengers say they don’t get enough to eat. I don’t usually, especially not for normal airplane meals, but I guess the majority do. There are now 4 choices of meals instead of 2. To get the Wagyu beef option, it is one of their exclusive options, you will need to book this prior to getting on the plane.

So we tried a couple of these options at the Qantas HQ the other night. We were served by the Qantas crew in full uniform and from their normal flight trolleys, just like we were on a plane. This was after they did their full inflight safety announcement, tailored for this room in London. It was quite novel.

qantas new economy class meals

One of the things that got the most attention was the garlic infused bread roll, it was served warm and was very tasty. Reduces the need to have a pat of butter on the tray.

I had the Scottish Salmon which is the local option from the UK. It was quite a substantial portion. It was not overly dry and was quite tasty. They will have a local meal option depending on the flight destination. The pudding was a very delicious passionfruit mousse.

We were then served the in between meal options that you get on the plane which was a choice of pizzas. This didn’t work so well as the bread was soggy and very messy to eat. In case you got peckish, you can have apples or chocolate bars like twix and kit kats.

So if you fly Qantas from this month onwards, you get to look forward to these new meal options. You can find more details on their website.

qantas economy class

EatCookExplore was a guest at Qantas HQ London






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