Quality Mayonnaise made with Greek EVOO and delicous sauces

When I was working in Greece for a year, I made quite a few Greek friends who all had holiday homes on various Greek Islands. One of them had both a home and olive grove in Crete. They made enough oil for their family and friends every year. At one point, he was going to start a cooperative and sell their fabulous oils but unfortunately, nothing came of it. It was a really good oil, especially when it was freshly pressed. If you have never been to Crete, there’s a chance to win a trip to Greece here.

When I was introduced to Stokes Sauces‘ new Mayonnaise and was told that it was made with Cretan olive oil, I had to taste it. As most commercial mayonnaise is now made with rapeseed oil, there is a distinctive taste. Made with EVOO, you get the flavours of the olive oil instead.

Stokes Sauces from Suffolk

If you frequent food shows, you might have seen Stoke Sauces there. If not, they are available around the country now.

A Mayo made with superior ingredients

Stokes Sauces Greek EVOO Mayonnaise

Stokes’ Mayonnaise is made from Extra Virgin Koroneiki Olive Oil, using an olive that is widely cultivated for the oil in Greece. It is known as the King of Olive Trees. The oil that this olive produces is bright green and very peppery.

The other main ingredient is the eggs. They found a producer of High Welfare Standard British Free Range eggs, where the hens are allowed to roam free.

Stokes make their own Dijon mustard that goes into this mayo.

The salt they use is not any generic salt. They import theirs from the Dead Sea.

You can read more about how they came up with these ingredients and the olive harvest here.

Other Stokes Sauces products

Along with the mayonnaise, I got to sample their superbly tangy tomato ketchup, brown sauce and my favourite, the red onion marmalade which goes really well with a good cheddar on a cheese toastie. It’s my go-to condiment for a lot of dishes.

Their tomato sauce is rich and tomatoey, great for use in quite a few Malaysian and Chinese dishes like everyone’s favourite, sweet and sour pork.

Stokes Sauces is a Suffolk based company and their products used to be only sold locally. All their sauces are hand produced to their closely guarded secret recipes. They pride themselves on the quality of their sauces which are made with the best ingredients. Today, you can buy stokes sauces in Waitrose, Ocado, Sainsburys, Booths and other shops.

You can learn more about Stokes Sauces and also win a trip to Greece here (T&Cs apply)

This post commissioned by Stoke Sauces to introduce their mayonnaise and to share their competition. 

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