Review: Sage Super Q Blender

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I recently was gifted this super powerful Sage Super Q Blender to review. The Sage Super Q Blender is a really powerful, commercial-grade stand blender with noise suppression technology which is great for home use.

Review Sage Quiet, Fast ,Powerful Super Q Blender
Sage Quiet, Fast ,Powerful Super Q Blender

This high-speed blender is great for making smoothies, nut butter, hot soups, frozen desserts, ice, homemade gluten-free flours, dips and more.

I’ve been using it for blending Asian spices like galangal and chillies and the resulting spice blend is very smooth. It also worked a lot faster than a lower wattage blender as it just needed one round of blending, not multiple rounds. A great result.

As with all Sage appliances, this brushed stainless steel blender is beautifully styled with maximum functionality. And they look fabulous on your kitchen counter and goes with your other Sage appliances like the Sage Steamer.

Super Q Blender Specs

Review Sage Super Q Blender

  • Size: 21 x 27 x 46 cm
  • 10 Year Repair, Replace or Refund Guarantee
  • Comes with a 2 Litre jug or a 700ml blend and go cup. Both of these are BPA-free, shatterproof and really strong. You can drop it or step on it and it will not break.
  • The lid is also very secure so no chance of it opening on use and spraying food all over your kitchen. It will not warp under heat when you are making the soup.
  • The blender cup has a flip-top lid so it’s easy to drink from.
  • Other accessories are a sturdy tamper to push food in and a spatula.
  • There are 12 speed settings and 5 preset one-touch programmes
  • 2400 Watt motor, this blender has the highest possible motor rating.
  • With 300km/h blade tip speed for quicker results.
  • It features an intelligent base that automatically recognises whether it is the jug or cup, and automatically optimises performance.
  • The base unit is also heavy to prevent it from vibrating or moving when it is being used at high speed.
  • The Super Q is compatible with the Vac Q vacuum pump which vacuums out the oxygen to keep fruit and veg from oxidising, give it a smoother finish and a longer shelf life with no loss of nutritional benefits. (optional extra)
  • More details on the official site

Easy to use Super Q Blender

Review Sage Super Q Blender 5 preset programmes

I thought it might take a long time to work out how to use the Super Q blender but it is really simple. You can pick one of the 5 preset programmes, pulse, smoothies, green smoothies, frozen dessert and soup, for quick access and no guestwork. Alternatively, you can just rotate the dial to your desired speed. The digital window shows the timer and the progress of a programme.

The blender was all set up, cleaned and ready to use in just minutes.

You can find out more about the Sage Super Q Blender on Amazon

Super Q Blender Performance

Review Sage Super Q Blender Make pesto in minutes
Homemade pesto in minutes

The first thing I made with the blender was this homemade pesto. I put all my ingredients in the big jug and pressed pulse. Using the tamper, I pushed down the soft basil leaves and in a couple of minutes, my delicious home made pesto was done.

Raw to hot soup in minutes
Next I wanted to try the soup programme as you can make a soup without any other equipment. I made this tomato soup and it took about 7 minutes to assemble the raw ingredients and for the soup programme to run. The blender then runs at the highest speed causing the heat to “cook” the soup.

This works really well for vegetable soups. If you want to add meat, you will have to cook it before hand as the heat is not enough to safely cook meat.

Make tomato soup in a Super Q blender

The resulting soup came out steaming hot and perfectly smooth. All I had to do was to pour it into bowls, add some croutons and serve it. I was amazed how easy it was to make. I will be trying out other recipes in this using up the various vegetables in the fridge.

I personally use it a lot for tough-to-blend fresh herbs and spices for Malaysian curries. It does a really good job of blending down chillies, galangal, lemongrass and turmeric roots into a very smooth paste, even all the chilli seeds. Other less powerful blenders will not only take a long time to blend the same ingredients but it can’t get it into a smooth paste and I can still see chilli seeds in the spice paste.

After cleaning it thoroughly, I used it to crush ice to make the much loved Asian desserts, “ice kacang” made with crushed ice or snow, fruit, jellies and drizzled with palm sugar and rose syrup. Achingly sweet but super delicious on a hot day.

I also made some soup with this as it is

Other things you can make with your Super Q Blender

  • gluten free flours like almond, millett or more
  • Dairy free chocolate ice cream using cocoa powder and frozen bananas
  • Super Quick Berry sorbet – frozen berries, sugar and ice
  • Homemade pesto
  • Tomato soup
  • Nut milk
  • Soya Milk
  • mill nuts

Easy to clean

To clean your Super Q blender, just add some water and some washing up liquid into the jug and blend. After the clean cycle has finished, just rinse the blender jug. That’s it. Super easy. You can also put them into the dish washer. The blender base is not dishwasher proof but it only needs a wipe down.

The Sage Super Q blender is priced higher than the lower spec blenders but it is a few steps above in quality, functionality and performance. My old lower specs blenders burnt out after trying to use it at full speed for blending a lot of spices. With the Super Q, after using it to create a few recipes, I can say that my smoothies and curries taste better and smoother.

I was highly impressed with what this machine can do and can highly recommend the Super Q Blender if you are looking for the perfect blender that is quiet, fast and powerful which can produce smoothies, soups or more. With their 10 year guarantee, I am confident that this investment appliance is a good choice.

You can buy the Sage Super Q Blender from all these retailers:

Amazon Sage Super Q Blender

Optional Super Vac

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