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Yes, those are real live plants on the wall. What is this place? It’s the new branch of Yuforia, a natural frozen yoghurt place. The live plants are to highlight the fact that everything is natural, although you have to look closely to notice that they are live.

Yuforia Soho

So frozen yoghurt in London? Loads of froyo shops have sprung up in London recently and us Londoners seem to be embracing them as they are all quite busy. With Yuforia, they have 3 main flavours, plan, chocolate and a daily specials which was blueberry. To go with this, there are a myriad of toppings from fruit, nuts to caramel sauce. The chocolate flavour was very creamy and rich which tasted like a nice chocolate ice cream but with all the health benefits.

Yuforia Frozen YoghurtYuforia Frozen Yoghurt

All of the yoghurt is made with British sourced skimmed milk with added probiotics. You can choose to make up your own or pick one of the sundaes that they have on the menu. They also do frozen yoghurt smoothies too, although you have to read the menu quite closely to find them. In the winter, they sell waffles with the healthy frozen yoghurt and all the toppings. If you want a sweet treat that is healthy, this is the place.

Yuforia is the dreamchild of Leo Bedford. He came up with the idea when he worked for a stint in New York and became slightly obsessed, returned and opened the first branch of Yuforia in Covent Garden.

Leo Bedford Yuforia
Leo Bedford Yuforia

Follow them on twitter as they often do free breakfasts at their new shop.

Slow Food Kitchen was a guest at this event.

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