Ribs and Chicken Wings The Joint Marylebone

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Are buffalo wings the new new thing in London? We are seeing more and more Deep South inspired BBQ places springing up all over London. The Joint in Marylebone is one of those. Having started as a pop up in Brixton in 2012 by Warren Dean and Daniel Fiteni, it is now a grown up restaurant in Central London.

The place has that industrial chic cool factor with unfinished walls, exposed ducting, no frills and shared seating. It’s like a teenager coming of age, loud, boisterous and in your face.

The joint Marylebone

So what’s on the BBQ? Falling off the bone ribs, beef brisket, chicken wings and corn on the cob. Food is served in paper parcels or on disposable plates. Everything is best eaten with hands. Cutlery is available but not necessary. The metal bowls in the middle of the table is for your rubbish, so shove all the paper packaging and bones out of the way as your work your way through the menu. It is messy affair but oh so tasty.

The BBQ riblets and chicken wings were the best things on the menu. Another big seller is the pulled pork bun (also available as a wrap) is a very generous portion of meat in buns from Bad Boy Bakery in Brixton Prison. Was good but nothing on the ribs. The Beef Short rib is another good side order, good marinade, slow cooked til the meat falls off the bone.

The sides that came with the meat like fries, onion rings and corn on the cob were under seasoned and the chips soggy. Some tweaks needed there. Even though the menu is meat dominated, there are some vegetarian options too. Tip: Douse everything in the delicious spicy BBQ sauce that is on every table.

The joint Marylebone (12)

The joint Marylebone (15)

The joint Marylebone - pulled pork bun
Very blurry pic of the pulled pork bun. Not easy to take pictures with grubby fingers

The joint Marylebone (22)

There is a very busy bar serving up some twists on old classic cocktails like Flippy Old Fashioned, served in these trendy Kilner jars. Brixton Brewery craft beers and a selection of wine is available too.

The joint Marylebone (10)
The Joint in Marylebone is great place for your fix of BBQ ribs and chicken wings without trekking to Brixton. Don’t bring a date here, it’s just not that kind of place. Fun and casual if you don’t mind getting a bit grubby. A meal would cost less than £20 per head, great for a reasonably priced, casual night out.

The Joint Marylebone
19 New Cavendish Street
London W1G 9TZ
0207 486 3059


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  1. Believe it or not, I haven’t tried any of The Joints yet. It’s on my wishlist as sometimes I do crave for some “dirty yummy food”