Salsa, laughs and great Latin American food at Comida Fest

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Let me start this post by saying that I am Spanish, sort of a foodie, I have travelled across Chile, Brazil and Ecuador, as well as discovered the varied and tasty Latin cuisine thanks to many Venezuelan and Colombian friends. But still Comida Fest has been undoubtedly THE opportunity to have an eye-opening gastronomic journey discovering the Latin American flavours – without leaving London!

We loved Comida Fest when it kicked off a couple of years ago.

Truth be told, it has been impossible to choose one favourite plate, one stall, one place to go because all the people driving the Comida Fest food festival are passionate people that thrive to promote their culture and share their gastronomic origins with the world. Sometimes with an added note of innovation and others, getting close to the traditional flavours they love.

My advice to you is, do not have breakfast – I would even say – go to bed the night before and don’t eat dinner, go to the Comida Fest rendezvous for a feast!

Follow my 8 steps to have a great Comida Fest experience! A gozaaaar!

Step one, grab a Cusqueña beer while you make the first round. Visit the music stage, listen to the great tunes and start letting the salsa sound seduce your senses. If you are going with kids – remember this is a family friendly space – get them a Jarritos! Served in biodegradable cups and straws.

Comida Fest London


Step 2 | Break the ice with Liqui Liqui – great name, right? And also, amazing Cachapas aka Arrepas de chopo, with beautiful pasteurized cheese, onions and tomato, all chopped and seasons with a spicy kick! Small tapa to drink your beer in this sweltering summer days.

Comida Fest London

Comida Fest London

Step 3 | Did you ever wonder where you can find the best Margaritas in town? Cafe Pacifico is the place and they have been part of the London scene for a long time. Passionate for tequila and always listening to the consumers – they literally nail it with their own Café Pacifico version of the Watermelon and Passionfruit margarita.

Comida Fest London

Comida Fest London

Step 4 | For those that love a hot-dog, Ticos will not disappoint you. Thiago Gomez revisits the traditional hot-dog bringing to it a Brazilian flair. He takes us with the flavours to the unique Brazilian carnival and brings their culture into the London streets. Get your bite with cheese, onions and beef meat on the top, add some mustard and enjoy!

Comida Fest London Churros

Step 5 | Whilst in Brazil, why not jump straight into the Amazonas with Beijummy. Beautifully cooked flatbreads with an exotic fusion brought together by Chef Gus and Sócrates who found it impossible to get traditional Brazilian Beijus in UK and decided to create his own business! Well done guys, the spinach and cheese flatbread is a no-brainer for veggies.

Comida Fest London

Step 6 | Vegan cheese from coconut oil? Had ever heard of that? These guys are rethinking the traditional Latin kitchen in which the meat is the main character of the plate. Why not giving the vegan sandwiches a try and learn how healthy options can be very very tasty too!

Comida Fest London

Comida Fest London

Almost there…Step 7 | Now, let’s be realistic, at this stage you cannot be hungry, but we said we were having a feast, right? Finish your Latin food journey with a stop at the churros stall. Sugar, dulce de leche or chocolate… dip the churro and finish the lunch with a sugar kick!

Comida Fest London Churros

Last but not least…Step 8 | We made it, amigos… and from here, you have two options, either join the dancefloor and move your hips in the Zumba workshop or embrace what is also part of the Spanish speaking culture – the siesta! I don’t know about you, but I am going for the latter.


Comida Fest

Latin American Street Food

30th June and 1st July at Cutty Sark Gardens

Comida Fest Pop Up

21st July

Hola! London

The O2, London

Peninsula SQ SE10 0DX

12 – 18H

11th and 12th August

Potters Fields Park

Tower Bridge

London SE1 2AA

Sat 11-20H

Sun 11-18H

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