Spanish Made Simple by Omar Alibhoy

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Omar is such a sweetheart. He is always happy, smiley and chatty and his food is much the same. Here he is with his new book, Spanish Made Simple. (Yes, he has chopped off his rock star chef hair).

This new book is a collection of his family recipes, how he cooks at home. It is full of heart warming stories and recipes that he is preserving from his mum and grandma. Some of these recipes he has added to his menu at the Tapas Revolution restaurant in Westfield Shepherds Bush.

tapas-revolution omar alibhoy

In true Spanish hospitality and a typical Omar flourish, he prepared a few of these dishes for us to taste. We start of with the prerequisite tray of Jamon Iberico and some crushed tomatoes on crusty bread.


This is the Roasted Aubergine Gratin served tapas style. Any dish with melty cheese, deep flavours of the tomato based sauce is always a winner.


Baked piquillo peppers filled with mushroom bechamel and piquillo sauce is another dish from the book. All these dishes can be found on the special section of the menu.



Crispy chicken wings with a lemon and honey dressing is so good, that one plate is not going to be enough. There are 3 images for you to savour. (note:cute waiter does not come with order.)




Another simple to prepare dish that you can easily cook at home is the warm roasted lettuce salad with warm honey and bacon vinaigrette. Sweett and sour cooked lettuce, a revelation. 30-tapas-revolution-29

A tapas meal is incomplete without some Patatas bravas with a spicy sauce and aioli.


A meltingly good plate of lamb stew cooked with tomatoes, peppers and herbs. This would be a great dish to cook up for a family meal, deeply satisfying and comforting.


The sweet finish was supplied by their sweet sherry chocolate pot which will appease the  most discerning chocolate lover. In case that is not enough, they also serve the Torrija, a sweet brioche bun, soaked in custard and served warm. It has all the right food groups and is to die for. I raved about this when I tasted it at the Shoreditch branch of Tapas Revolution before.



Spanish food is not a cuisine that I cook that often as I don’t know that many recipes. Now with this new Spanish Made Simple book, I add a few more dishes to my repertoire. You can get a copy of Omar’s new book on Amazon.

It’s not often that you get to try recipes from a cookbook in a restaurant so pop along to Tapas Revolution to sample some of these dishes. (They also have a churros bar in case that is not enticing enough.) I loved all the flavours and now there is no mystery to the recipes as they are all in the book. Now that I know what some of the flavours should taste like, I have a goal to strive for. Do you  have a favourite Spanish recipe?


Tapas Revolution Westfield

The Balcony, Westfield London,

Westfield Shopping Centre,

Shepherd’s Bush,

London W12 7SL

EatCookExplore was a guest of Tapas Revolution

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