The Summerhouse at World’s End

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This is the reincarnation of a very popular pop up seafood restaurant that was in Little Venice last summer. The new setting is an old pub on the dodgier end of King’s Road just past World’s End.

Summershouse at World's End

I went there with a friend for a quick pre movie meal and it was really hard to find as the signage is not exactly obvious, especially if you don’t know where it is. All the neighbouring shops had no idea of it’s existence either. So this caused us to have even less time to spend at this place.

When we finally got there, we had to walk through the restaurant on the ground floor which is meant to be an American Diner. The strange decor of black and red looked more like a 1980s disco. Summerhouse is on the first floor and thankfully, it is decorated like a beach house and was totally refreshing. We were the only people there. Being the first week, it probably hadn’t got on anyone’s radar yet.

The dining room doesn’t have many seats and I expect it could get very loud when full as it’s all hard surfaces. If you go on a warm day, there is a little terrace where they have squeezed in a few al fresco tables.

Seeing as we only had time for one course, we had the fish and chips and the grilled sole. The battered fish was perfectly crisp with really well cooked chips. The portions were enormous. I wanted to try the Maryland crab cakes but they weren’t on this menu but could be on that of the diner downstairs.

Summerhouse at World's End


Summerhouse at World's End

The new team of staff were over eager to help but were not been briefed about the menu or even what to do. I guess this can only improve with time. Our quick meal was perfectly decent and I love the vibe of the dining room so I will be back when they have had some time to warm up. Our meal was £30 for 2 (with the soft opening discount).

You will find the new venue at
The Summerhouse at The World’s End Restaurant.
459 King’s Road,
Chelsea, London, SW10 0LR
Tel: 020 3362 3362

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  1. “We were the only people there. Being the first week, it probably hadn’t got on anyone’s radar yet.”

    hmmm or nobody else had your dogged determination in actually finding it!

    1. LondonFoodie says:

      You are probably right. The food was good so if hope more people find them.