Sunday Selection : Chocolate coconut water, Bioglan superfood, Wasabi Rocket

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If you like coconut water, you will like this new chocolate flavour from Vita Coco. You don’t taste the coconut water as it is now overshadowed by the addition of chocolate. It tastes like chocolate milk without the dairy. It comes in both the handy hand bag size and the full size cartons. Try it out.


VitaCoco Chocolate

Bioglan has just launched a new range of superfoods that you can use for cooking or to add to your smoothies. The organic raw cacao powder is of particular interest as usually raw chocolate made into truffles is quite inedible. I would use these to add to some baking as an alternative to using cocoa powder.

Bioglan Raw and Organic Cacao


Asda’s team have been innovating and one of their new offerings in the salad section is this Wasabi Rocket hybrid. It has the bite of a normal rocket salad but with the addition of a wasabi kick. Love the flavour and am going to try out some recipes for this leaf. In stores in April, look out for it.

Asda Wasabi Rocket leaves

Here are other new Asda products launching next week in store. From a very unusual sauce filled hotdogs, a tasty ready to eat pastrami, hot spicy buffalo wings, eton  mess cupcakes, jaffa cake spreads and some rather fancy eclairs.

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