Sunday Selection: Kelham Farm Chilli Challenge, Cold Pressed, Christmas Wreaths

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Kelham Farm Chilli Challenge Hamper

Kelham Farm sells a variety of Yorkshire themed goodies. This Chilli Challenge hamper is one of them. In the hamper you will find Chilli flavoured crisps, chilli chocolate, chilli beer, chilli marmalade, a smoking hot chilli sauce, chilli nuts and a packet of super hot dried habanero.

If you like your food spicy hot and are up for a challenge, try out this hamper. The chilli sauce is made with bhut jolokia which is the crazy hot multi million scoville, mind blowing chilli. You have been warned.

You can find them at the Keelham Farm Shop.



These guys make a ready to drink dairy free smoothie with almond milk and flavours such as Banana and Raw Cacao and Very Berry, a tart berry flavoured drink. Easy to grab one on the go if you don’t want to make your own.

Available at your local supermarkets.

cold pressed almond milk



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