Sunday Selection- Pieminster

Sunday Selection is where I review new products. This week I tried some Pieminster Pies.

Pieminster Pies – A review

Pieminster (3)-001 Pieminster sent a selection of pies to try. A couple were the traditional pastry topped pies and the others were more like stews in a pot. The flavours I tried are:

  • Classic Moo and Blue – A British beef steak & long clawson stilton pie
  • Matador A British beef steak, chorizo, olive & butter bean pie
  • Chicken of Aragon – A free range British chicken, smoked bacon & tarragon pie
  • Meany Bean – A mixed bean, butternut squash & chilli Pie Pot with a spicy potato top
  • Moo and brew – A British beef steak & craft ale Pie Pot with a herby potato top
  • Cheeky chick – A creamy chicken, white wine & leek Pie Pot with a herby potato top

The classic pies had a crispy (unsoggy) pastry, a big plus. It’s not easy to have a pastry recipe that does not go soggy from the moist filling. The filling was meaty and well seasoned. The pie pots are just pies fillings without pastry. My favourite flavours were the Matador as I love the chorizo flavour and bean stew and the classic Moo and Blue which had a lovely beefy flavour, wrapped in that crunchy pastry as  mentioned before. The vegetarian bean stew deserves a mention too, spicy and smokey from the Mexican chillies, very warming. All of them were delicious and a nice surprise to find that most of them were about 300 calories a pot. If you are doing the 5-2 diet, one pot for 2 meals a day will be very satisfying. The pots had chunks of meat, some vegetables, a little bit of carbs was quite substantial and filling.

Pieminster Pies
One full portion of a Pieminster Pie

There is a competition to win a supply of pies by voting for an old pie to be reinstated. Go here to enter. EatCookExplore was sent these pies to review.

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  1. I haven’t yet tried pieminister pies, I really must, they look lovely