Sushi in the City at Feng Sushi

The South Bank is usually a hive of activity on evenings and weekends when special events are happening. For such a busy place, there aren’t many great places to eat as most the places around there are all of the chain variety.

However, some chains are better than others. One of these that offer a consistent quality of food is Feng Sushi at the Royal Festival Hall.

The decor is generically modern and very spacious with a choice of low tables or high stools. I love the large cherry blossom graphic on one wall, giving the only hint that this was a Japanese Restaurant.

The menu is quite extensive for a chain restaurant with a nice selection of cold and hot dishes. It is nice to see that all the fish served here are from sutainable sources. This led to them taking Unagi off the menu as they could not find a sustainable source for this in the UK.

feng sushi

The Sushi selection was quite extensive and well made but I like my sushi rice with more seasoning, which I understand is a regional Japanese thing. It was nice to see brown rice sushi as an alternative on the menu too.

feng sushi

Soft Shell Crab Roll feng sushi
Soft Shell Crab Roll
feng sushi
Seaweed Salad
feng sushi
Rock Shrimp Tempura

The rock shrimp tempura did not have the typical tempura batter, it was a bit thicker and crispier but tasty nonetheless.

We had to try one of the seasonal dishes that were on offer and we chose the Handpicked Devon Crab Donburi which is a bowl of rice topped with crab. There was no discernible flavour in the rice, save for the few slices of pickles and no dressing of any sort, rendering this dish quite bland.

Crab Donburi feng sushi
Crab Donburi

One of the few vegetable dishes besides the vegetarian sushi and a few tofu dishes was the Vegetarian Tempura. Perfectly light batter and crisp fresh vegetables was a real winner.

Vegetarian Tempura feng sushi

To finish we shared a dish of Black Sesame, Green Tea and Sweet Chestnut Ice Cream.

Black Sesame, Green Tea and Sweet Chestnut Ice Cream.
Black Sesame, Green Tea and Sweet Chestnut Ice Cream.

The service at Feng Sushi was friendly, attentive and competent, they kept my green tea cup regularly refilled. This is one of the better meals to be had around the Royal Festival Hall and I like the way that the menu is designed so that you can have just a quick bite or a more substantial meal.

If you work nearby, you can also order Sushi to takeaway via their website

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SlowFoodKitchen was invited to review Feng Sushi.

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  1. Crab don and sweet chestnut ice cream, good choices. I went to their London Bridge branch recently, I enjoyed the food but the branch itself needs some modernisation in my opinion.

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

    1. London Food Blogger says:

      This branch was nice and modern. Quite impressed at how well spaced out the tables were. Only thing missing was a coat rack or somewhere to put the handbags for the ladies.