Tapas, Flamenco, Iphone6 with Three

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Flamenco Dancing Lessons

Dancing is something I love but really am pretty useless at. Flamenco Dancing is definitely something that I didn’t think I’d be able to do. It’s looks for graceful and way too fast and complicated. When Three Mobile invited me along to their Spanish themed event to announce the launch of adding Spain to their “Feel at Home” programme, I couldn’t say no learning Flamenco.

Our Flamenco teacher Anna, with a Flamenco guitarist accompaniment, valiantly taught our beginners class a few steps beginning with some swirly hand actions. Then she followed with some steps which involved stepping sideways/forwar/backwards, heel toe combinations and some typical Flamenco moves. We had to do all this while smiling and looking like we really  knew what we were doing.
Flamenco Dance Experience 071-001

The next part is where it all sort of fell apart. We had to be totally coordinated and put the hand movements and the steps together and dance in a group like we were doing Flamenco for real.

After an hour, we sort of got into a rhythm, albeit nothing that looks like a Flamenco dance, but we tried. See the videos below for a laugh.

Tapas at Bar Gansa

Following the Spanish theme, we adjourned to nearby Bar Gansa in Camden for some tapas. They have live Flamenco dancing here weekly in case you fancy watching rather than dancing yourself.

The place was busy for mid week night and atmosphere was lovely and buzzy. Large jugs of Sangria and plates of jamon and olives were already on our table. We ordered a few other favourites like tortilla, patatas bravas, chorizo in wine, shrimps in garlic olive oil, seafood paella and more.

Verdict: most the dishes were freshly made, well seasoned and presented. Can definitely recommend this for a fun night out if you are around the Camden area.

Iphone 6 review

The new time lapse feature that is shipped out as standard in the new IOS is great for capturing the dance class and any action videos. We were given a few of these to record the night and played around with both the time lapse and slo mo functions on the iPhone 6 camera.

iPhone 6 time lapse feature
iPhone 6 time lapse feature

To use these features on your iPhone 6, just activate your camera app and slide over to the selected shooting mode.

Here is the speeded up time lapse video where it doesn’t make us look too incompetent.



Three Feel At Home is a mobile phone plan where you can use your phone abroad at no extra charge. You can make calls, send texts and use your data allowance within your monthly contract or even pay as you go plan.

Today, 16 countries are included in this plan and as of April 2015, Spain and New Zealand will be added. You can read more on their website.

This deal is designed for people on holiday and not for extended stays in those countries. You can’t use your phone as a personal hotspot either.

Travel Hack- Use your phone abroad at no charge

If you are travelling to any of these countries and are not on the Three Network, buy a pay as you go Sim card and take another phone with you. I usually travel with a burner phone that will take sim cards as I can’t use those with my iphone.

EatCookExplore was a guest of Three Mobile


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