Tapped the documentary – Do you drink bottled water?

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If you drink bottled water, you need to watch this. I have to admit that I do regularly buy bottles of water when I am out and about and never think twice about it. I have friends who only drink the ridiculously expensive, air flown from around the world, Fiji Water and they have a regular supply from the local organic shop. Whatever the supposed benefits of Fiji water, it doesn’t justify the carbon footprint or the food miles it has travelled from across the world.

London tap water is perfectly drinkable, regardless of  all the nasty stories. More and more restaurants are now grudgingly offering tap water as a choice versus bottled water as it does have a nice fat margin. I even heard of a Thai restaurant on Portobello Road who were selling bottled water in the restaurant but got found out that they were refilling their super expensive posh bottled water (£7) with tap water.

Anyway, I was pointed to this documentary called Tapped. Food for thought.

To watch click on the red arrow. Unfortunately, this is a free hosting site and a pop up window with an ad will open up. Just close it without clicking on anything. The arrow will turn green, you are ready to watch.


So be green, save some money,  don’t drink bottled water. Now I try to carry a refillable water bottle.



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  1. I haven’t watched this but have never understood the urge to order bottled water in London/ UK restaurants, when our tap water is perfectly safe and fine.

    I get it a little more for those who prefer sparkling – after all that is just a variety of soft drink in same line as other fizzies.

    I have asked for tap for decades and never had a problem, though a handful of places in last 5 years have charged for it, which pisses me off and means I don’t go back.

    I do understand buying bottled when out and about, for example train and tube journeys, but if I’m leaving from home, I refill an old bottle from the tap.

    1. LondonFoodie says:

      About restaurants who refuse to offer tap water or who charge for tap water, we need to name and shame them. Restaurants are particularly bad in Italy and only about half of them will serve you tap water and we have blacklisted them from our list when they refuse. If only London was more like Rome, every street and square has a drinking fountain, makes it easy for refilling around town.

  2. This is great May. I watched it all with my wife and we decided to spread the word as much as possible: it’s no brainer and more importantly it feels RIGHT! We adopted the Brita filter jug 8/9 yrs ago and will never come back but we know too many still refusing to drop the bottled water!

    1. LondonFoodie says:

      That’s brilliant Ritchie. We can all do a our bit by spreading the word and encouraging restaurants to offer tap water as alternative.

  3. Hi May, just talking about this with a friend. I’m sorry to notice the videos have been removed!!

    1. London Food Blogger says:

      Ritchie, They must have taken the videos off Youtube. I will find some replacements.

    2. London Food Blogger says:

      I’ve found a replacement for the video. Happy Watching.

  4. Hi.

    I’ve read your article. Tap water’s main advantages are availability, cost (it’s more or less free of cost) and fact that it’s environment friendly (no transport, no plastic bottle producing, no distribution, no water). Disadvantage: it contains chemicals that provide drinkability. So it can be genotoxic, the level of it can increase with old or bad pipes etc.

    On the other hand all types of water (even natural spring and mineral) contain chemical substances which despite very low levels harm human’s health. So reducing the level of genotoxic materials is essential.

    You might want to check unique bottle available in UK now, called Flaska. This glass bottle is programmed meaning that the information imprinted into the glass changes water’s structure and surface tension and thus lowers genotoxicity.


    1. London Food Blogger says:

      @Andrew – Thanks for the explanation about chemicals in water. There is much to learn.