Thai Weeping Tiger Beef Salad with Hereford Beef

AD | This recipe was commissioned by Hereford Beef UK. 

It’s time for some cooking over an open fire. Here is my recipe for the Weeping Tiger Beef using a piece of grass-fed dry-aged Hereford Beef rump steak.

About Hereford Beef 

Hereford Beef 36 days dry aged rump steak

Hereford Beef is a grass-fed native breed of beef. This breed is one of the oldest British breeds and have been reared free-range for over 300 years. They have white faces, and a rich red coat.  As I am particularly picky about the provenance of my food, I like this product for their traceability, from the farm to your kitchen. 

This British grass-fed beef is tender and succulent and the steaks I bought were dry-aged for 36 days, to intensify the beefy flavours. On first inspection, you can see that the meat is quite dense and nicely marbled. On tasting, it has a lot of flavour and is definitely more beefy than a generic steak. 

If you don’t use it for this recipe, just try it as a steak on its own. You will be really surprised if you do a taste test with a generic supermarket steak. You can learn more about grass-fed beef in this article. 

You can buy #HerefordBeefUK from Co-op Food, Lidl or Waitrose.

Cooking with Hereford Beef

I love Thai flavours and the best way to eat a lovely piece of steak is to cook it simply, here it is cooked rare, the surface is charred to perfection. Then dress the steak salad with this spicy, tangy and umami-rich dressing (nam jim jaew), made with Thai fish sauce, chillies, tamarind and lime juices.

It takes just minutes to cook the steak and to assemble the salad. A delicious and super quick mid-week meal and low carb too!

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Thai weeping Tiger Beef Salad recipe

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