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The World’s End Market on the far end of Kings Road is the London outpost for Jose Gordon’s Steak Experience. They have partnered with him to offer his El Capricho meat menu from Spain. A few years ago I met a Basque guy who was introducing his aged dairy cattle meat to UK restaurants. At the time, I thought this was quite unusual but now it seems that several London restaurants are showcasing this Spanish beef to their menus.

The space at this former pub/ restaurant has been transformed from its former incarnation into a manly, meaty grill restaurant. A glass-fronted meat fridge is prominent on one wall. Here you see the large sides of beef imported from Spain. The aged dairy cattle meat is carved and served in various different ways on their menu.

If you are fan of steak, then go for their El Capricho Set Menu where you get three courses to indulge in the meaty delights curated by Jose.

We kicked off our meat fest with a Premium Ox Steak Tartare, suitably beefy and with a balance of the right condiments. The Carpaccio from Entrecote using beef matured for 180 days was a bit too gamey for us.

World End Market Steak
Premium Ox Steak Tartare
Carpaccio from Entrecote using beef matured for 180 days
Carpaccio from Entrecote using beef matured for 180 days

For the main event, it had to be the Premium Ox Fillet Steak, 100 days matured. You can see the dark red meat on the plate, just charred to a nice rare steak. It was tender and very beefy. If you tend to veer towards a USDA steak, you won’t like the flavour profile of this steak. If on the other hand you enjoy a beefy steak, this will be heaven. The steaks are served with no frills, just with a side salad. We added a side order of some green beans and broccoli, just for a bit of balance.

On the set menu, there are 2 choices for pudding, a Vanilla Panna Cotta or a hazelnut and caramel cheesecake.

World's End Market Kings Road

hazelnut and carmael cheesecake. 
hazelnut and caramel cheesecake.

The World’s End Market restaurant is now a popular spot in Chelsea for a good steak. If you have not tried this beef, I’d recommend a trip. They do have a more extensive ala carte menu if you don’t all fancy the set menu.

World’s End Market

459 King’s Rd,


London SW10 0LR

Tel:020 7352 2150

EatCookExplore was a guest of World’s End Market

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