Tim Anderson’s “Around The World On A Plate”

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What makes the world’s most travelled dish? Is it a dish that has actually been around the world or is it one that takes it’s influence from global cuisines ?

Tim Anderson, winner of Masterchef, created this dish for the Unearthed sponsored “Around the World on a Plate” event at the London Foodie’s Supperclub. Tim won Masterchef with his adventurous combinations of flavours, melding East and West and wowing the judges.

I was invited to taste this dish at the recent Unearthed’s supperclub. It was strange being a guest instead of being at the stove cooking for the supperclub. As usual, the hospitality began in The London Foodie’s gorgeous front room with a vast selection of canapes including a sensational pea pod boats with chorizo and scallops with Serranno and honey.

Tim Anderson Uneathed Supperclub

For the main event, we sat down to a mezze platter of meats, olives and cheese from the Unearthed rang.

Tim introduced the idea of his dish and how he made the various elements which like a lot of kitchen geekery. Interestng how he thinks and I wonder how many other taste experiments he went through to get to this final dish. This was quickly followed by the star dish of the evening,  Tim’s  Lamb Loin and Savoury Goat’s Cheese Marshmallow served with a Chocolate Port Sauce.

Unearthed Supper club with Tim Anderson
Lamb Loin and Savoury Goat’s Cheese Marshmallow served with a Chocolate Port Sauce

To see why it’s called the most travelled dish, here are the ingredients used:

  • America – cereal, maltodextrin,
  • Britain – Garlic, flour, salt, eggs, water, vegetable oil, milk, liquid glucose, gelatin, salad leaves, mint
  • China – Star anise, soy sauce
  • Ecuador – Chocolate
  • France – Olive oil
  • Greece – Goat’s Milk Balls, mint
  • Italy – Tuscan Finocchiona Salami and Prosciutto, porcini mushrooms, fennel seeds, lemon juice
  • India – Bay leaf, brown rice, cumin seeds
  • Mauritius – Icing sugar
  • New Zealand – Lamb

The lamb was deliciously tender, chocolate port sauce was not overpowering, the biltong was a strange addition and was not overly chewy as he had reconstituted with some other ingredients. However, the goat’s cheese marshmallow was a step too far for me. It was like a gooey sweetened goats cheese candy. If it was designed to challenge your taste buds, it certainly did the trick.

For pudding we had something from Unearthed’s new pudding range, a pear and almond tart.

Unearthed Supper club with Tim Anderson

It was a really funny evening, great company, unexpected conversations and inventive food.

You can find out more about what Tim is up to at his blog.

You can find out more about Unearthed at www.discoverunearthed.com
Slow Food Kitchen was a guest of Unearthed

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