Travelling Business Class on Emirates A380 London to Dubai

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“I knew you ladies were trouble when I saw you in the lounge” began the man at the Sy Bar, 35,000 feet in the air. He was propped up alongside out little group around the semi-circular bar in Emirates Business Class. Our little group had gathered around the bar, watching the charming steward Cesar sling cocktails. It seems that this was the place to be.

Cesar the Steward manning the Sky Bar in Emirates Business Class
Cesar the Steward manning the Sky Bar
Flying Business Class on Emirates A380 London to Dubai
Flying Business Class on Emirates A380 London to Dubai
Cocktails and Nibbles at the Sky Bar
Cocktails and Nibbles at the Sky Bar


Champagne anyone?
Champagne anyone?

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Flying Emirates Business Class A380 from London to Dubai. Here is Steward Cesar at the Sky Bar serving us cocktails. The bar is open up to 20 minutes before arrivals.

The man had ordered an unusual pink beverage which turned out to be Gin and Campari, a drink he had discovered while living as an expat in Mumbai.

A couple was having a quiet conversation on a bench by the window, while on the other side of the bar, another Brit was on his way to a new life in Sri Lanka. This flight from Dubai was more than a mode of transport. It was playing a part in creating a lot of new life stories.

A bar in the sky is just like a bar in any city in the world. People congregate, converse and consume. We pass a leisurely hour learning more about our new friends while sipping our respective drinks, champagne, a Negroni and an espresso martini while nibbling on the canapes. Soon, the stewardess who had taken our meal orders came to tell us that they were about to serve the meal.

You can watch a review of the Business Class Flight here:

The Emirates Business Class Lounge Gatwick

A couple of hours earlier, the limo pickup service had dropped me off at Emirate’s exclusive ramp in Gatwick. Sped through security via the priority lane. At the Executive lounge, glasses of champagne and Pomerol was poured from their vast selection of drinks. The selection of hot and cold dishes at the buffet was extensive. Our long weekend of Emirates’ hospitality had started with a bang.

Self Service Bar in the Emirates Lounge
Self Service Bar in the Emirates Lounge
Hot and Cold Buffet in the lounge
Hot and Cold Buffet in the lounge


I loved this meringue dessert.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Gatwick
Emirates Business Class Lounge Gatwick
Emirates Business Class Lounge Gatwick
Lots of space to sit and work and free wifi too

…meanwhile back onboard the A380

Back at our seats, the pull out table had been laid with a white linen tablecloth, wine glass and proper cutlery. The guy across the aisle had already finished his meal and was stretched out on his seat/bed.

I extended my seat to a half recline position and put on my headphones to watch my choice of movie on my large touch screen TV. All the seats all faced forward, had aisle access and were spaced quite far apart. Under the drone of the engines, you could hardly hear any of the snoring from around the cabin.

I wasn’t very hungry but the smoked salmon starter was irresistible. Meanwhile, another steward brought around the wine selection and poured a glass of South African Sauvignon Blanc.

emirates-business-class meal Scottish Peat Smoked Salmon
Scottish Peat Smoked Salmon


Seamlessly, my plate was cleared and the main course of Lamb Curry was delivered.

emirates-business-class Dahi Gosht Lamb Curry
Dahi Gosht Lamb Curry

Which was followed by a truly moreish Banoffee Torte.

emirates-business-class Banoffee Torte
Banoffee Torte
emirates-business-class The touch screen tvs at each sear
The touch screen tvs at each seat


A cup of real coffee and a little box of chocolates were the perfect accompaniment to watch the end of my movie. A little movement to my right prompted me to glance at my neighbour, his back to me, lightly snoring, covers askew showing his shirt had ridden up sharing a rather unattractive view of exposed body parts.

My seat was transformed into a flat bed with the press of a button. Lying on a soft mattress and cocooned under the duvet, I caught a few hours of sleep until we were ready to land in Dubai.

Emirates-business-class seat with mini bar
Emirates business class seat with mini bar
One click seat controls emirates-business-class one click seat controls
One click seat controls
All the seats face forward and nicely spread out. Flattens into a very comfortable bed


As the crew were busy with the landing prep, the content of the seat side mini bar was very welcome.

Disembarkation was smooth and prompt. With our priority card, we speeded through immigration, picked up our bags and headed straight for the limo transfers desk. In a few short minutes, we were on our way to the hotel in air conditioned comfort.

Emirates-business-class Complimentary Chauffeur Service
Complimentary Chauffeur Service

I have been flying Emirates for years as it is my airline of choice going to Asia from London. The service has always been great and the food, better than the Asian airlines. They were the earliest to offer a choice of on demand movies when everyone else was still showing movies on the big screen at the front of the cabin that you can’t quite see.

A peek at the Emirates First Class Suites and the Shower Spa

The First Class suites are self contained pods with a little mini bar, big screen/desk and theat bed seat. The best bit is the Shower Spa as modelled by Jennifer Aniston. I was really impressed with the size of the shower spa. There is a lot of room, organice toilertries, lots of fluffy towels. The shower is timed for 5 minutes which is ample to freshen up before you arrive at your destination.

Emirates First Class Suite
Emirates First Class Suite
Emirates First Class Suite
Emirates First Class Suite


Emirates First Class Shower Spa
Emirates First Class Shower Spa
Emirates First Class Shower Spa
Emirates First Class Shower Spa
Emirates First Class Shower Spa
Emirates First Class Shower Spa

The return trip on Emirates economy

On the return leg, I flew in ecconomy class. The service was as friendly as in Business but no flat bed.

Emirates Economy Class

Every seat has a 3 pin plug and usb charge points. You get 2 hours free wifi on board too.


There are a few choices of meals and I find that the Asian options are always very good. (Especially having toured the Emirates Catering Facilities). 34-dubai-5-034

Emirates economy class
Drinks service

Before arriving in London, we were served Afternoon Tea with scones and clotted cream.


I flew to Dubai on Emirates Business Class as a guest of Emirates. Fares are very competitive and you can check out their routes and optins on their site.


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  1. I am drooling over this post and cannot wait to fly business class with emirates. I have flown on their A380 economy and it was indeed good and comfortable.