A Truly British Affair Simpsons on the Strand

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Simpsons on The Strand

I was chatting to a South American diplomat recently about British food. He’s been stationed in London for over 2 years and his experience of British food is fish and chips ( which he didn’t like). So I set him straight and gave him a list of places to try. Top of that list was Simpsons in the Strand.

Simpsons has been in operation since 1828. It was originally a chess club and coffee shop. They have played host to many thru the centuries including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He liked it so much that even Sherlock Holmes and Watson dined here in a couple of the books.

Simpsons is not just an institution, it is also my mum’s favourite place to eat in London. She is always taken there by our family friends, every time she visits. When I first had a meal here, it reminded me of the lunches we had at the Selangor Club in Kuala Lumper. There were daily roasts served on from a carving trolley, with all the trimmings. The best was the roast pork with lots of crackling and home made apple sauce which had to be discontinued as every club had to be halal.

Simpsons on The Strand Heritage British Restaurant

Simpsons on The Strand

Simpsons on The Strand Antique Carving trolley

Meanwhile back in London, Simpsons is still serving fabulous roasts on a carving trolley.

In line with their heritage, they source only the best of British produce. The Bill of Fare reflects this. On the evening we were there, it featured roast lamb. They source their saddle of lamb from the renowned Daphne’s in Wales. The other trolley has a 28 day dry aged roast rib of Scottish beef.

Dark wood panels, scattered pieces or art and the tinkling of the keys of a grand piano sets the mood.

Simpsons on The Strand Orkney King Scallops
Orkney King Scallops

The choice of starters include a baked Orkney King scallops or a slice of their home made pie.

Simpsons on The Strand Duck and Pork Pie
Duck and Pork Pie

I had heard about this Duck and Pork raised pie and had been wanting to try it. You get a rather large slice and it was served with pickled vegetables and picalili. It was a meal in itself so be prepared, but it will be worth it.

The main course arrives at our tableside in a vintage trolley. As the dome is raised, you get a whiff of the roasted lamb. The meat is cooked to a nice medium, pink in the middle. We watch on as the waiters deftly slice us succulent pieces of the lamb.

Roast lamb on a carving trolley
Roast lamb on a carving trolley

Roast lamb on a carving trolley

Roast potatoes and savoy cabbage

Crispy roast potatoes and vegetables are served separately with your individual jug of gravy, as in the photo. The roast lamb was tender and full of flavour and didn’t need much embelishment. Really loved it, but we could have had a second helping of those potatoes.

Of course, being associated with the Savoy, the wine list is that will please everyone. We had these 2 wines selected for us.

Simpsons wine list

Simpsons on The Strand old cartoons

Burgerlist and I were beyond excited for pudding. We both spotted the spotted treacle sponge on the menu earlier. It has been ages since I’ve this. and the Simpson’s version is superb. Treacle sponge is a light steamed sponge, drenched in treacle (which is really golden syrup) served with a custard, and mandarin and orange ice cream. Let me tell you, it was not a chore to eat this.

Simpsons treacle sponge

Chocolate pudding

Simpsons offer their special roasts on carving trolleys daily.

Simpsons is truly one to experience. It is the place to bring visitors who don’t know or have never had a good English meal. It will be quite unforgettable.

Simpsons on the Strand
100 Strand

Simpsons on The Strand review

EatCookExplore was a guest of Simpsons

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