Wine Tasting with Oz Clark at Celebrity Cruises’ Lawn Club Popup for #LondonWineWeek

During the recent London Wine Week, Celebrity Cruises hosted a wine tasting event with Oz Clark. He picked a selection from the 500 wines available from the Celebrity wine library and took the group on a tasting journey. Oz is a very funny speaker and he brought a new appreciation to the wines we tasted.

The event was set up like a picnic to emulate the Lawn Club that is found on all their ships. We sat on tartan blankets, had a little plate of cheese to match the flight of wine. On the menu:

Ata Rangi Sauvignon Blanc 2013, Martinborough, New Zealand : paired with Aldwych, ripened , unpasteurized, English Goats Cheese log that is mellow and creamy.

Tasting notes: hints of lime zest, gooseberry and green apple.

E.Guigal ‘Condrieu’ Viognier 2013 paired with Berskwell, an unpasteurised English sheep’s cheese, with a fruity tang and a creamy finish.

The Viognier grape was planted by the Romans on their way up from the South. Grapes have thick skins and have to picked absolutely on time. Even a one day delay can make a big difference.

Tasting notes: Distinctive fruity notes, dry.  Delightful, loved this one.

Ridge Vineyards Lutton Spring, Zinfandel 2012, Sonoma USA, paired with Cornish Blue, a gentle blue cheese with a creamy mellow flavour.

This vineyard is planted about 2000 feet up from San Jose, right on the San Andreas Fault. They have been making wine here since the Gold Rush days. This vineyard was started by a group of Scientists from Stamford and in their  first production, they made just 75 bottles.

Paul Draper, the winemaker, is a scientist with a wine making degree had studied his art in Chile. He was asked to join the winery. His style is to use very old equipment and to make the wine without too much fuss and left the wine to make itself.

Tasting notes: Dry. Not overly sweet but has 4– 5 grams of  sugar.

Celebrtiy Cruises Lawn Club (12)

Oz Clark Celebrity Cruises Lawn Club
Oz Clark leading the wine tasting

Celebrtiy Cruises Lawn Club (21)
Celebrtiy Cruises Lawn Club (3)

Celebrity Cruises Lawn Club Wine Tasting

Celebrtiy Cruises Lawn Club (10) Celebrtiy Cruises Lawn Club (11)
Celebrtiy Cruises Lawn Club (17)

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