Cabin Zero, a Stylish , Lightweight Carry-On Bag

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Smart, light weight, roomy and it means you never have to pay Ryanair luggage fees again. Cabin Zero ticks all the boxes for your next luggage purchase.

Cabin Zero Eros Picadilly Circus
Cabin Zero Eros Picadilly Circus

After years of travelling for work and leisure, what has changed a lot is carry on luggage. As airlines change their baggage allowances, I have to scramble to find something that can fit all I need to carry.

Nowadays, my main carry on is a rather badly abused backpack that fits my laptop and has room for other bits and pieces.

With some airlines only allowing one piece of hand luggage, this has caused all sorts of problems, especially for the ladies. I am used to carrying a hand bag as well as my backpack. Now I have to stuff everything that would have gone in my handbag into the backpack too.

Finding a new bag that has enough space to fit all this stuff and looks good has been tricky. Recently, I had the chance to test drive the Cabin Zero backpack.

First thing, it looks great and comes in my favourite colour, bright Galactic Orange.

CabinZero Backpack Galactic Orange

  • It’s made with some tough waterproof nylon and very durable
  • It has lockable YKK zips.
  • It can carry up to 44 litres of stuff
  • It has more than enough space for a weekend away.
  • It has an internal pocket and a mesh bag to compartmentalise your things.
  • It has padded wide shoulder straps
  • It does not have a rigid structure so can fit into spaces easily
  • It has a casual urban design that does not look too much like you are trekking across the wilderness.
  • Designed to fit into any carry on size requirements of most European budget airlines, even the dreaded Ryanair. This will save you time and money
  • It’s lightweight at 1kg
  • The outer shell is a waterproof nylon and is also lined with polyester.
  • There is a side handle so that you can carry it like a suitcase too.
  • When empty, it folds down quite flat so would be a perfect bag to bring along on longer trips for the extra spillover luggage.
  • Every bag has a 10 year guarantee which you can upgrade to 25 years if you like their Facebook page.

I tested it on the streets with a fully loaded bag and it took the strain quite well.

The only issue is the weight distribution. It was quite hard to get a balance as everything sinks to the bottom. I know they sell packing cubes designed for the Cabin Zero. This should solve the issue with the distribution of the contents and help organise your things better.

I am also not that tall and this bag did not sit right, even with the maximum adjustment of the straps. There is no hip strap with the classic design but the Military design does.
This backpack opens up like a suitcase. You can lay it down flat and zip it open all the way.

The internal sleeve has a bit of padding but not enough to secure a laptop. You’ll need to get a separate laptop case before you put it into this backpack.

The nylon might be waterproof but if you are carrying electricals or camera equipment, I’d use another layer of waterproof bag.

Cabin Zero Bright Orange
Folds down flat and just 800g

Every bag comes with a tracking tag. You just need to register online with Otaban. If your bag gets lost, people can just check online for your contact details.

Cabin Zero luggage tracking
Cabin Zero luggage tracking

There is one external pocket that can fit papers, etc.

• Volume: 44L
• Weight: 760 grams (approx)
• Dimensions: Fits 55 x 40 x 20 cm

Ideally, I would prefer a couple more side pockets to organise travel adaptors, wires and other bits and pieces.

You can buy a Cabin Zero directly from their website. The Classic bag like this one comes in an array of different colours and costs £60  . Shipping is free.

There is also a camouflage version.

I really like this backpack as it is very light and does fit a lot. It would be perfect for weekend travels and people who can pack and travel light.

I use mine for short trips and have even used it to go to the gym. I like that you can carry it on your back, hand free.

You can buy Cabin Zero on their website or on Amazon too.

The Cabin Zero backpack was gifted for review.


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