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I have been staying out in the deepest darkest part of Kent recently and there is not a decent patisserie shop in any of the nearby villages. This made it difficult to indulge in my sweet baked goods fix unless I baked it myself. Then along came an offer to try out brownies delivered to your door. It was a no brainer. 

Bad Brownie, a London based bakery, sends you boxes filled with their uber chocolatey and fudgy brownies by post. 

I was sent a box of their bitesize brownies by post. It came in 6 flavours: salted caramel, triple chocolate, Ferrero, peanut butter, chocolate orange and white chocolate and raspberry. 

When you open the box, you will smell the rich chocolate and see a beautiful selection of these brownies, readily cut into small bites. You might think that baked goods sent in the post might get a bit stale but these brownies were still moist and moreish when they arrived and stayed that way a few days after.

Bad Brownie review

Bad Brownie review 6 flavour selectionac
24 pieces of gooey deliciousness

These brownies are not the cakey ones but they are more dense, hence they can stay moist for longer. 

The only decision to make was which one to try first and whether it should be shared with everyone else. 

Bad Brownies Taste Test 

Salted Caramel : The salted caramel one is oozing with sweet savoury deliciousness. The brownie sandwhiching the caramel filling is one indulgent bite but oh so satisfying. It is packed with some plastic dividers so that the caramel doesn’t ooze all over the box. 

Triple chocolate: The triple chocolate filled with white and milk chocolate chips, is perfect for fixing that chocolate craving. With a very luxurious chocolate taste at first bite followed by a long lasting chocolate flavour. 

Ferrero: These are topped with gold, and wrapped in the same brownie recipe, you get some mixed hazelnut praline and caramelised hazelnuts with it. It relally did taste like that gold wrapped chocolate. 

Peanut butter: this is an even denser brownie with both smooth and crunch peanut butter with some added peanuts AND peanut brittle for good measure. This was a favourite for my peanut butter loving friend.

Chocolate Orange: This might be the flavour du jour but not one that I enjoy but my other friends loved this. 

White Chocolate Raspberry: Their original dark chocolate brownie has pieces of raspberry and a while chocolate ganache. This is a flavour combination that works really well. 

Bad Brownie review 24 piece box

With each square of brownie packed with such flavour and being so rich, I could only manage a couple of pieces at a time. So I did eventually share it with others at home. 

They certainly lived up to their slogan, “Bad Brownie, dangerously good’. 

My next order will be a box full of the triple chocolate ones and I will keep them all for myself. 

This mixed box cost £26. Bad Brownie delivers all over the UK for the shipping cost of £3.99. You can choose to have them gift wrapped if you are sending a gift. They have a shelf life of 2 weeks if refrigerated. 

Brownies delivered by post

Bad Brownie Review Pinterest

Which flavour would you order? 

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