Tickling taste buds at Indulgence at Westfield London

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Get your tastebuds tickled at the Indulgence show at Westfield London. If you visit the mall, you will probably come across this free show in the atrium. There are several booths that are designed to tickle your taste buds and your other senses.

Wesstfield London Indulgence (9)



Fill in a little booklet with stamps from the booths and you’ll get a glass of bubbly or some chocolate. What better way to ease your way into an Indulgent February. All the food and drink is supplied by Marks and Spencer. A little spoiler, in one of the booths, you can even try some caviar that M&S sells. Who knew?

I don’t want to spoil the surprise of what happens in the booths but just know that it is to do with food and drink and everyone will be a little test on your senses using sight, smell and taste. My favourite one was Intensity.

It’s free to enter, so give it a go.

Where: Westfield London, Shepherds Bush.

The Indulgence 2016 Food Experience is on until 21 Feb 2016.

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