More than Chocolates and Champagne For Valentines at Harrods

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Stumped for Valentines Day present? Check out these foodie gifts from Harrods. Yes there is a lot of red and pink but it is all very classy.

I especially loved the gold flecked Turkish delights and the Prestat Chocolate Truffles.

Harrods Valentine Gifts

02-Harrods Valentine Gifts (2)

If you felt like putting a bit more effort into your gift you could make the French Love Cake.

Harrods Valentine Gifts

If you don’t fancy making a cake, the cake shop in the food halls made these heart shaped cakes filled with a little cake, some chocolate mousse and a raspberry jelly centre. They are so beautiful to look at, it seems a shame to cut into it.

15-Harrods Valentine Gifts (15)

…or some strawberry cupcakes.

24-Harrods Valentine Gifts (24)

There is something for everyone and you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Pink Champagne, a bouquet of red roses  and maybe a handbag from the ground floor Handbag Room.

05-Harrods Valentine Gifts (5)

There are lots to choose from. All these are available from Harrods Food Halls.


87-135 Brompton Rd


London SW1X 7XL

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