Sunday Selection – Odysea, Pimento and Premier Estate Wines

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It still is sort of summer in London, with the exception of a couple of days of heavy rain. The sun has been shining and the flowers are blooming. So we are making the most of the nice weather and eating al fresco.

What better way to do that than with some ready to go bites and some picnic food. This week has been very Greek inspired. We had some souvlaki, some greek mezes and some nice lamb burgers with Organic Welsh Lamb.

Odysea – Greek mezes, oils and balsamic vinegar

Odysea sources great artisanal Greek and Mediterranean food and they make it available in these stylish glass jars. The dolmades, stuffed vine leaves are filled with well seasoned rice, raisins and pine nuts and were quite delicious. We dressed our salad with their rich balsamic vinegar (not Greek but from the same company).

Check out their whole range at

odysea greek products

Pimento – Ginger beer, Ginger Ale and chilli


This is quite a different ginger drink, infused with a bit of chilli. It does give a bit of a fiery kick. My lips were burning after a a few sips. Best used as a mixer or drink it cold over ice. It was very refreshing on our one hot summer day over the weekend. The chilli certainly made itself felt. Drink with care-

Premier Estates Wines

[remiere estates

The guys at Premier Estates select wines from around the world and sell them through independent wine sellers. Their Prosecco recently won and award at IWC. They sent me a couple from their summer selection to try. The white is Californian Chardonnay (£5.99) with fruity melon flavours, serve it nicely chilled for a bit of light, easy drinking. The red is a Chilean Merlot (£5.99), rich dark red with dark berry flavours. Great to go with the meat at a BBQ. Available from

Note:The products on this page were all gifts. 

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