Sunshine and Sunday Roasts at the Jam Tree

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Jam tree pub clapham common sun terrace

There are so many great choices for Sunday lunch in London. Every corner of London has a pub that will serve a roast, some good and some not so good.

The Jam Tree pub in Clapham Common has a new head chef and they serve a pretty decent Sunday lunch. On a sunny day, you can choose to sit in the patio garden at the back. We chose to sit in the quieter front of the pub with a view of the street. The atmosphere is quite relaxed, no crowded tables, loud music or screaming children.

On their menu are the regular ala carte offerings and you can’t miss their spicy deep fried squid, a dish made popular by their previous head chef. The delicious spicy sauce is a very combination of kicap manis, sweet chilli sauce and a few other secret ingredients. We shared a salmon tartare which has a few very filling pieces of seeded rye bread.

Jam tree 019

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The Jam Tree Sunday lunch comes with a choice of beef, chicken or pork. Accompanying the meat is a selection of chard, parsnip, cauliflower cheese and the essential crispy roast potatoes. The roast beef was requested medium rare and was delivered a little bit more cooked than asked. Two generous slices of meat came with an enormous Yorkshire pudding which our little one year old dining companion loved. The roast chicken is a quarter of a chicken. We liked the generous amount of gravy that went with the lunch.

Jam tree 030

Jam tree 036


There are quite a few choices for puddings but we settled for the intriguing baked chocolate mousse with lemon sour cream served in a tin and a seasonal rhubarb trifle. The Chocolate Mousse was a bit too rich but the lemon sour cream cut through some of that richness. The trifle had a jellied rhubarb topped by some cream. The Rhubard was not quite tart enough and could have had a couple more layers with different textures.

Jam tree 048

Jam tree 046

If you are around the Clapham Common area, this would be a solid choice for lunch. I shall be adding this to my list of Best Sunday Lunches in London.

The Jam Tree
13 Old Town,
London SW4 0JT
020 3397 4422

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EatCookExplore was a guest of The Jam Tree

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