Yoobi Temakeria Soho

Yoobi prides itself for being the first Temaki bar in London,  a new concept which is inspired my a recent Japanese Brazilian trend.

Yoobi Temakeria in Soho is the first venture for newbue food entrepreneurs Nick (Swiss) and Carolina (Brazilian) . As Carolina is also an architect, she designed the quirky interiors which is dominated by a 3 sided sushi bar in the middle of the room.

Yoobi Temakeria Soho

On offer are 3 sizes of hand rolls with prices from £3.20, £3.60 and £4 and some sides like miso soups and seasonal vegetables. The flavour combinations might sound familiar like spicy tuna handroll (an old favourite) has been jazzed up to include their own hot sauce recipe with a surprising addition of crispy croutons in the middle. All the rolls are available as maki rolls or a low card version with no rice too.

On chatting with Nick, we learnt that there was a lot of testing behind some the combinations of favours on offer, mainly from their own food and travel experiences. Also great to know that they take their ingredients very seriously. For example, the sun blush tomatoes tomatoes is home made and with just olive oil as they couldn’t find a local producer. In a similar vein, they sourced a specialist French baker to make the bread from which they make their croutons.

We really enjoyed the temaki we tried, citrus salmon, spicy tuna roll and the Sweet Salmon with Asian pears as another unconventional combination.We didn’t much like the vegetarian sub blush version which has Philadelphia as one of the main ingredients, too fusion.

Yoobi Temakeria Soho Spicy Tuna Rolls

There has been a lot of thought put into the food and drink on offer at Yoobi and from what we had, it was fresh and delicious. This is a keeper. The prices are very reasonable for quality sushi in this area. A great place for a quick meal or a takeaway.


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