Blogging tips- 5 ways to increase your blog traffic with email marketing

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Note: This post was written as a promotion for Campaign Monitor

Edit: If you want to learn some unique email marketing techniques, my friend Wilco is filming is next course on Advanced email marketing on 30 April and you get to watch for free. He’s going to seel that course for a very high ticket later. Sign up here. 

1. Promote your latest blog posts. Get regular readers to return to you blog by sending daily or weekly newsletters with the latest blog posts and updating them with what’s new on your blog. This will help to remind those readers to return to your blog regularly.

2. Use metrics to deliver what your audience wants. Monitor your email open rates and web metrics. You can test different email subject lines to increase your open rates. You can add personalisation of the emails by adding their name when you write to them.

Also, check your email click through rates. You can tell from these stats, which stories resonate the most with your audience and which topic to create more content on. More content on the most popular topics equals higher traffic.

3. If you write about different topics on your blog, ie food and travel, you can segment your list so that your subscribers only get the content they are interested in. This will help you retain the subscribers and get more loyal readers.

4. Create landing pages of blog posts that are in sync with the message on your email. This will reduce confusion and keep your audience engaged.

5. You can gain more email subscribers by offering an ethical bribe in the form of a report or a guide that is relevant to your market. For this blog, I am going to create some downloadable guides for travel, meal planning and collections of recipes. Don’t forget yoru can also use your social channels to drive traffic to your email sign ups too.

Using Campaign Monitor for my email campaigns
I have been trialling the Campaign Monitor service for delivering my emails.  Compared to other email autoresponder services, they charge £9 per month for up to 500 subscribers which is a lot less than what I was paying for another service.

The set up process is really easy, with helpful step by step instructions.

first campaign on campaign monitor

I used a different service before and can import the list of emails into this platform.

Sending emails

If you don’t have time or design skills, you can use their ready designed templates. There are lots of choices that would suit all industries and niches.

email templates for email marketing campaigns

Sign up Forms
After you have created a list, you can design sign up forms to place on your site. For WordPress users, you can use their plugin to add a form to your sidebar.


wp forms email sign up

Don’t forget, if you want to learn some killer email marketing techniques, sign up to watch 3 days worth of high level teachings on Advanced email marketing on 30 April. He’s going to seel that course for a very high ticket later. Sign up here. 

That’s it. You are on your way to getting your email marketing campaign going. My next steps are to create those reports, play with the smart insights options available and work out how best to segment my list.

Let me know how you get on in the comments below. Do share your experience with using emails to drive traffic to your blog.



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