Royal Ascot Preview with Tom Kerridge and Olly Smith

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Royal Ascot besides being one of the major events in the horse racing calendar, it is also an essential part of “The Season” and is one of the highlights of summer. Everyone knows the famous ladies day at Ascot where the ladies vie for attention wearing the most outrageous hats and outfits.

 Royal Ascot 2013

Whether you are going to Royal Ascot for the horse racing or for the social event, this year, there is an added attraction, superb Michelin starred food. Tom Kerridge, the 2 star chef from the Hand & Flowers pub in Marlow will be showcasing his modern British cooking at the Panoramic Restaurant. The menus will be matched with a selection of fine wines chosen by Olly Smith.

Tom Kerridge Olly Smith Royal Ascot

The other evening, I attended a preview of the menu that Tom will be featuring at the restaurant. Among the traditional English dishes that have been given the Kerridge treatment are Treacle Cured Beef Fillet and Braised Shin, English Asparagus Salad and Summer Truffle Dressing and a Beluga Vodka Sorbet.

Tom Kerridge Olly Smith Royal Ascot
Treacle Cured Beef Fillet
Tom Kerridge Olly SMith Royal Ascot
Beluga Vodka Sorbet
om Kerridge Olly SMith Royal Ascot
An array of locally sourced cheeses

I used to go racing with some friends who had a stud farm and a few racehorses. It was always fun but not always profitable, even with tips from the trainers. If you have never been to a horse racing meet, Ascot is a great one to experience, especially on Ladies day. 

Tom’s menu and Olly’s wines will be offered at the Panoramic Restaurant from 18 – 27 June and you can get more details at

Eat Cook Explore was a guest of Royal Ascot Hospitality

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