Shiro Broadgate Review

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The stylish new Shiro is a new Japanese restaurant and bar in Bishopgate. Serving food inspired by Ginza, Shinjuku and Shibuya in Tokyo, its menu is a mix of edomai sushi, regular sushi, ramen and some casual izakaya dishes that Londoners would recognise.

Hailing from Hong Kong where they invented the crystal sushi, which I didn’t order on this occasion. This is a sushi maki roll wrapped in a “crystal” gelatin skin. It looks quite stunning.

There are 2 floors, with a big bar seating area dominating the main dining room, a sushi counter and some tables with a wall of banquette seats.

I dropped in for lunch as I was interested in their sushi lunch offerings but was tempted by my favourite quick lunch option, Unadon, ” a teriyaki grilled eel” rice bowl (£25).

This was strangely delivered in a piping hot Korean hot stone bowl on a tray with some pickles and a bowl of miso soup. There wasn’t much rice in the bowl but the eel was quite delicious, tender and sweet. This was unlike any donburi I’ve had before the hot stone bowl made the rice a bit tricky. (Their GM, Vanessa tells me that they are going to be changing the way they will be serving this).

When I worked at a Japanese bank in Bishopgate years ago, the only option for Japanese food was to order in. We regularly used to get bento boxes made by Japanese housewives delivered to the bank.

Today, with Shiro just on the doorstep, you can just drop in or order a quick takeaway.

This is a great choice for a casual lunch or if you are on expenses like the table next to me, a big long boozy lunch and ordering about half the menu.

Shiro Broadgate
100 Broadgate,
Liverpool St,
London EC2M 2QS

Shiro Japanese in Broadgate

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