Jersey Royals New Potatoes and Asparagus Salad

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This recipe is sponsored by Tesco

Nothing says spring like the arrival of Jersey Royal new potatoes and other fabulous seasonal vegetables like asparagus. With all the abundance of the land available in the shops now, its a great time to dish up some delicious salad dishes.

This Tesco Jersey Royal new potato is a very quick and satisfying salad to make, either for lunch or as a vegetable side dish. Using the lovely seasonal Jersey Royals new potatoes gives this dish an added seasonal sparkle. Did you know that Tesco Jersey Royals can only be grown on the island of Jersey?

About Jersey Royals New Potatoes

They are only grown in Jersey using the same methods they have employed for over 140 years. They still plant the seeds by hand and fertilised with seaweed from the local beaches. It is the only potato that carries the EU Protected Designation of Origin mark of authenticity.

Top tip: You can buy these Tesco Jersey Royal New Potatoes at a much better price than the other supermarket (W), triple the price), available from Tesco.

To make this dish sing, you can add more ingredients to the salad like torn herbs, cheese or other salad leaves if you like. You just need to adjust the dressing to suit your tastes.

It makes for a great lunch salad or even as a side salad to some grilled fish or chicken.

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