Christmas Gift Guide for Gourmets

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Thinking of original and interesting gifts for gourmets is not easy. There are so many things to choose from and every year, there are so many new products to confuse you further.

Here is an edit of some lovely food and drink gift ideas for Christmas.

Dazzle your guests with a Luxury Cheese Selection from Paxton and Whitfield. If you pop into the shop they can help you pick some of their favourites cheeses. Highly recommend the Lincolnshire Poacher. They do fab Christmas Hampers too.


Add an unexpected sweet to the end of your Christmas meal with these Hadji Beh Turkish Delights. I tasted them this summer and they were unlike any I have previously tasted. The texture is not too gummy. I like the yellow box with the mix of citrus and rose flavours.

turkish deligths

These clever people at Lily O Briens makes really lovely and unique pudding flavoured chocolates liek Key Lime Pie. The flavours are really zingy and every one is a surprise.

lily obriens

For a very tasty slow grown Turkey, order one from Copas Turkey. All their birds are free range and slow grown so they have a nice layer of fat which makes the meat succulent and tasty. They sell some useful kitchen accessories to help you carve and some nice condiments to go with your Christmas meal too.

copas turkey

If they have run out, you can order one online from Donald Russell or Waitrose and collect instore.


The perfect gift for the coffee lover is an AeroPress Coffee Maker to make a professional cup of coffee at home. It takes less than a minute and there are no fiddly parts to wash up. Instead of a slow drip into the middle of a coffee filter in old machines, this uses even pressure to produce a rich cup of coffee with lower acidity. Once you try this, you won’t go back.

For those of you who like a healthy Green Smoothie in the morning, the Nutri Bullet is must have gadget, make your smoothies and get healthy. It completely breaks down your fruit and veg (including tough skins and seeds) with no pulp. Comes complete with a cook book to help you get started quickly too.

The hottest kitchen gadget this year is the Vegetable Spiralizer. Use this to make courgette noodles for those of you who are on a low carb or a paleo diet. Use it to make other vegetable noodles and salads too.


This is a gadget that really caught my eye this year, the Unikia Stirio Automatic Stirrer which is battery operated and is extendable to fit different pot sizes. It’s great for making risotto, soups and anythings else that needs constant strirring without you having to stand over the pot for hours. Genius.

unikia automatic stirrer

For Festive Food hampers, here is a selection to choose from:

Lakeland Buttermere Hamper which has a plum pudding, brandy butter, chocolate fudge, Claire’s St Clements Marmalade, Liqueur Truffles and more (free delivery too).


lakeland hamper


John Lewis Hampers – read my review of a couple of the Christmas Hampers here.

john lewis hamper


Marks and Spencer Hampers with free delivery. This one is one of the many to choose from a Mulled Wine and Fruit Hamper

M&S Christmas Mulled Wine and Fruit Hamper


Here are some stocking filler ideas:

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Whisky Chilling Rocks

Every budding chef would love one of these, to make creme brulee, or to use of a meCook’s Blowtorch

Make cooking over Christmas fun – get the chef one of these Christmas Novelty Aprons .

for a fun gift or secret santa, this Biscuit Pocket Mug

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