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Recently, Teisseire, the French syrup brand teamed up with Laura Jackson to host a French themed supperclub at Le Café du Marché in Smithfield to showcase their very versatile beverages.

On entering, you can’t help but marvel at the long communal table set up for the supperclub. Beautifully set with gorgeous arrangements of colourful blooms and every person had their own monogrammed beret too. Tres Chic!

Prior to the supperclub, we had a private cocktail making session with star mixologist John. Using both the commercially available syrups (distinctive green cans) and the bar versions in glass bottles, we created some stunning new drinks. We especially liked the smokey peaty whisky based cocktail with a dash of the caramel syrup. Another winner was using the Teisseire peach syrup in a fruity, frothy concoction, a definite must try for a summer party tipple.

Laura Jackson Teisseire Supperclub

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Teisseire is a 300 year old French brand and is a favourite in France. All their syrups are made from the finest fruits and water from the French Alps and they taste really delicious, no artificial chemical flavours here. When I was in the South of France this summer, I bought several flavours from the vast selection at the supermarkets for just every day drinking. You can now find Teisseire syrups in all major UK supermarkets too.

I especially like the lemon one which makes a quick refreshing lemonade. I used the peach syrup to make a Southern style Peach Iced Tea. Lots of people like to use them to make cocktails or mocktails. Check out my Passionfruit Mocktail recipe here, made using the passionfruit syrup.

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Laura designed a very French menu and a created a selection of innovative cocktails to pair with each course. The result was a great success. See the menu and cocktails below.


Teisseire apple, Bombay Dry Gin, London Essence tonic, rosemary


Tartelette of crab, spinach, parmesan, poached egg and butter sauce

paired with “Entrement”

Teisseire lemon, pink grapefruit juice, Grey Goose Le Citron Vodka, sea salt, vanilla and ginger syrup.


Cote de Boeuf with bearnaise sauce and french fries


Pan-fried scallops, sweetcorn puree, lemon dressing straw potatoes

Paired with French Quarter – Teisseire cinnamon shrub, Cocchi, Amaro, Woodford Reserve bourbon,

Hennessy Fine de Cognac, molasses bitter


Buttermilk panna cotta, pistachio crumbs

paired with Little Red Door cocktail

Teisseire Banana, Campari, Cocchi torino, Hennessy Fine de Cognac, cacao aroma

Laura Jackson Teisseire Crab Tartlette
Crab Tartlette

Cote de Boeuf Le Cafe du marche

Laura Jackson Teisseire Supperclub

Laura Jackson Teisseire Supperclub Buttermilk Panna Cotta


I was really impressed with the food at Le Cafe du Marche. Beautifully presented dishes and the most tender and delicious steak, perfectly grilled and served with proper crispy pomme frites. The very inventive cocktails using Teisseire syrups were a delight to discover and the paring really enhanced the menu. A real delight.

If you are looking to indulge in an authentic French meal, then Le Cafe du Marche delivers just that.

Le Cafe du Marche
22 Charterhouse Square,
London EC1M 6DX


This post was done in collaboration with Teisseire. 

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