Mich Turner simple cake decorating tips from Cake School

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Mich Turner has been running the Little Venice Cake Company since 1999. Her stunning new book, Mich Turner’s Cake School, Expert tuition from the Master Cake Maker, has just been published. Its full of beautiful pictures of cakes, her favourite cake recipes and some very useful baking tips.

Get it for £20.50 from Amazon (free delivery over £25 or Amazon Prime),  £19.99 from Lakeland (you can collect in store or free delivery over £30) or  or for £22.50 from The Book People (free delivery over £25)

Mich Turner and her Rose Ombre Cake
Mich Turner and her Rose Ombre Cake

I went along to a cake decorating masterclass and she shared some top tips on getting cakes baked perfectly.

  • Always use room temperature eggs and butter
  • Make sure you cream the butter an sugar well, up to 15 minutes. (you can’t over cream)
  • Whisk the eggs well and add it to the cake batter gradually or it won’t be mixed well and the cake will be quite dense when baked
  • Use a metal spoon or rubber spatula to add in the flour, never a wooden spoon
  • Butter cream can keep for up to a month in the fridge

Mich says that you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to make impressive looking cakes. She demonstrated how to put together this gorgeous cake that is in her new book.

Mich Turner’s Raspberry and Rose Ombre Cake

Here is her demonstration in Step By Step pictures.

  • 2 six  inch vanilla sponges were baked as the base for this cake, using an 8 inch sponge recipe.
  • This just take a basic buttercream made with unrefined icing sugar (Silver Spoon).
  • She then adds her raspberry coulis and rose essence to naturally colour the cream.
  • 3 layers of butter cream roses are piped on to decorate the cake, starting with the darkest pink a the bottom and a slightly pink cream on the top. This was surprisingly easy to pipe and the effect is quite stunning. I had a a go at the piping and if I can do it, anyone can.
  • You can easily create something similar and vary the cake, colours and flavourings to your liking.
Mich Turner making the Rose Ombre Cake
She slices each sponge through the middle by rotating the cake, not the knife, to get an even layer.


Mich Turner Rose Ombre Cake
She then mixes up some plain buttercream with rose and raspberry coulis to create a pink tinged icing. This is spread liberally in between the 2 layers.
Mich Turner Rose Ombre Cake
More butter cream is spread between the layers
Mich Turner Rose Ombre Cake
A very generous layer of that butter cream is spread on the outside, working from bottom to top
Mich Turner Rose Ombre Cake
The first row of piped roses is added to the bottom of the cake in the darkest pink. She always works from dark to light.
Mich Turner Rose Ombre Cake
Mich uses the standard nozzle and a disposable piping bag which comes with her cupcake kits, see below.
Mich Turner Rose Ombre Cake
The butter cream is gradually lightened with the addition of more cream and the rose piping is continued for another 2 layers.

Mich Turner (24)

Mich Turner Cake School
To finish off, she pipes some paler roses on the top of the cake, covering the whole top surface.

The only equipment she used was some piping bags, a few star nozzles, her Perspex Board and her very versatile extra long palette knife and you find most of these in her Cupcake Starter Kit.

Her new book, Mich Turner’s Cake School,  has a big section on ingredients, equipment and baking tips. The next part has a lot of beautiful cake pictures and recipes for cakes like an Orange Chiffon cake. On the cover is a very low fat Strawberry Chiffon Cake and an Italian meringue icing. It looks stunning and is quite low calorie too.

You can get her book and her  Little Venice Cake Company cake making kits on Amazon. Get the new book for £20.50 from Amazon (free delivery over £25 or Amazon Prime),  £19.99 from Lakeland (you can collect in store or free delivery over £30) or  or for £22.50 from The Book People (free delivery over £25)

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