BBQ with Branston at the London Barbecue School

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branstons-bbq- Barbecue Sticky Pork Ribs
Barbecue Sticky Pork Ribs

Were you confused when you read Branston BBQ? I was. For the life of me, I could not understand how pickles would work with BBQ. The mystery was revealed when I found out that Branston has a range of sauces beyond their most famous pickles.

Here is some of the range. They have an awesome caramelised onion chutney, spicy pickles, BBQ sauce and more.

Using these ingredients and a choice of meats, we were guided to flavour and grill some meat. In our teams, we decided to tackled the Sticky pork chops first as they would take the longest to cook. Slices of meat was marinaded with a variety of ingredients like garlic, ginger, vinegar, honey and a couple of Branston sweet chilli chutneys and sauces.

The chops were then placed on a preheated grill. We had a bit of help tweaking the temperature and given instructions on how to handle this BBQ. Cooking time for this was about 30 minutes on a moderate heat. The final result was a deliciously sweet, sour, smokey, sticky pork chop which we served with some salad and potato salad.

The London BBQ school has a few of these highly coveted Kamado Joe BBQs (which I learnt were around long before the chef’s favourite, Big Green Egg). These are for the really serious BBQers or Grillers as they call them in the US.

While waiting for the pork, we grilled some steak which took about 2 minutes. The un-marinaded steaks were basted with a Branston’s Rich Smokey Sauce as they were grilling. With the steaks, we made some very large and quite delicious tacos with a smother of avocado and some coleslaw. An alternative recipe using this sauce is a Braised Beef Brisket which uses their Chipotle relish.


The Branston Smokey BBQ sauce is great as a marinade or as a sauce. The caramelised onion is perfect to be used in marinade as we did here or in a cheese toastie. You can find the whole range your local supermarket and more recipes on their website.


branstons-bbq Sticky Pork Chop marinade
Sticky Pork Chop marinade
branstons bbq-pork chops
The Sticky Pork Chops smothered in marinade is grilling over a pan of water
branstons bbq-checking the pork chops
Just checking…..


Temperature control on the Komodo Joe
Temperature control on the Kamado Joe


Some chicken on the barbie
Some chicken grilling on the barbie


Seasoning our steaks which took just 2 minutes to grill
Seasoning our steaks which took just 2 minutes to grill


Grilled steak tacos
Grilled steaks turned into a taco of sorts


branstons-bbq Dining under the arches
Dining under the arches
branstons-bbq- The star of the show - Kamado Joe
The star of the show – Kamado Joe



 Komodo Joe bbq London BBQ School
Alastair checking the heat.
branstons-bbq Kamado Joe air vent
The air vent which can be opened or close to control the temperature on the Kamado Joe
branstons-bbq-Flaming coal briquettes are used for heat
Flaming coal briqettes are used for heat
branstons-bbq Stoking the flames
Stoking the flames

Kamado Joe BBQ

More details about the Kamado Joe and how it works here.

EatCookExplore was a guest of Branston Sauces. This event was held at the London Barbecue School in Peckham where they hold regular BBQ classes.  

London Barbecue School, Dovedale Business Centre, 22A Blenheim Grove,London SE15 4QN

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