Highlights of the Speciality Food Show

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Every visit to the Speciality Food Show leads to new discoveries of interesting food producers and food products.

It also highlights food trends that are about to hit our supermarkets. This year, there was an abundance of new coconut water brands, Jerky companies, British Charcuterie, Bilitong, Raw Honey, beetroot ketchup, a 16 year old Basque Beef, designer salt and some medicinal mushrooms made into chocolates.

As usual, there are lots of interesting branding and labels too.

Woodalls British Charcuterie
Woodalls British Charcuterie – the make some amazingly tasty hams. Check them out!
Txuleton Basque Beef
Txuleton Basque Beef


Txuleton Basque Beef (6) Tideford 197

Speciality Food Show 2014

Tideford 241 Tideford 198 Tideford 199 Tideford 200 Tideford 201

Interesting salts from the salt house

Interesting salts from the salt house.

Tideford 203

Tideford 215 Tideford 217 Tideford 218 Tideford 219 Tideford 220 Tideford 221 Tideford 222 Tideford 223 Tideford 224 Tideford 225 Tideford 227 Tideford 228 Tideford 229 Tideford 230

Delicious Turkish Delights from Irish Company Hadji Bey.Tideford 232 Tideford 233 Tideford 234 Tideford 235 Tideford 237 Tideford 238

You can also watch a quick video of the highlights here too.


Some interesting products at #sfff14- Basque beef, Raw honey. Posh salts, Jerky, biltong, etc

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