Street Food Union Rupert Street Soho

Street Food Union is situated on the site of a Victorian market on Rupert Street in Soho. In a typically quaint London fashion, their license is based on old Victorian market regulations.

What you will find is a curated group of street food vendors who are selected for their quality, authenticity and diversity. Very conveniently located just off Shaftesbury Avenue, you can stop here for lunch on Wednesdays to Fridays, from about 11am. When the weather is nice, you can have your lunch here as they have laid out some tables and bench seating.

Rupert Street Street Food Union

What is unique about this street food market is that they have launched a “Disloyalty Scheme”. You collect stamps on your disloyalty card which when completed gives you a free meal from one of the vendors. This is to encourage punters to try as many stalls as possible.

Among the vendors are some names that you see at other markets like the confit duck guy. Here are you will find some more unique vendors like the Italian chef that used to work for Bocca di Lupo around the corner. He cooks up freshly made pasta to order and at about £6 a dish, a real bargain.

Street Food Union Rupert St Italian Pasta

Street Food Union (39)

I tried a Filipino rice dish here. You don’t see home cooked Filipino food much so this was an interesting change. The lady who runs the stall is also a private chef and has only just started running this stall.

Street Food Union Filipino Food

You will find burgers, wraps, Indian food, Italian ciabatta rolls, French Duck confit, Polish Pierogi, a salad stall and lots more. When you get down there, don’t forget to get your Disloyalty card. All the stalls will have them.

Street Food Union (18)

Street Food Union (Wed – Fridays from 11am) 

Rupert Street

Soho, London

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